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Nothing to write about

I did write a post yesterday, but the move to trash box is right next to the publish box and I must have made a mistake.  Fortunately, it wasn’t some fabulous example of the thoughts of Chairman Z (won’t be calling myself that for too much longer) that had taken me hours to write.  Actually, I do sometimes write that sort of thing but I usually come to my senses and delete it on purpose.  And when I don’t, you lovely people usually pick up on something entirely trivial and comment on that, which is very good as it reminds me that I’m not really opinionated and it’s better that way.

Yet, life is a bit dull here at the Zedary most of the time and doesn’t give me a lot to talk about. Not dull in a bad way necessarily, just fairly quiet.

I’ll take the last 24 hours as an example.  I felt tired and edgy, so went for a long soak in the bath.  I used my best bath oil, that Lovely Sister gave me for Christmas, I applied a face pack and fantabulously softening hair conditioner and lay back and relaxed for half an hour.  Then I chopped various vegetables and made a stir fry with big king prawns for supper.  I ate two squares of dark chocolate (my Christmas chocolate is doing well, I’m on the second 90g bar and not quite halfway through that), an apple and a clementine and drank two small glasses of red wine.  I went to bed in good time and read the papers.  I slept soundly until about 2 am, went downstairs to make tea about 4 and went to sleep an hour or so later, having listened to Martin Jarvis read one of the William stories on catch-up radio.

I didn’t wake up until 9.45.  This is most unusual and quite embarrassing as someone was waiting patiently outside, having arrived at half past nine.  He was very nice about it and the morning reasserted itself.

I made some French onion soup with the last of the Christmas beef stock (and onions, obvs, darlings) and retired to the sofa for a nap this afternoon.  It was an anxious week and I can cope at the time, but my resilience is absolutely shot at present and I have lost the ability to push myself when I don’t really have to.

This evening, I have had half the soup, with some cheese.  Lovely bantams laid three eggs today, but I haven’t eaten any of them, which is unusual.  I often have an egg for breakfast, but it was muesli today.

Which reminds me, I popped into a supermarket yesterday, one of the main ones, because my local co-op doesn’t stock lamb’s lettuce, which I need for the Tots.  I also bought bread for the chickens – I give them soaked bread in the morning because Russell used to and it seems polite to take them an offering when I go in the run.  Yesterday, I was down to a single slice of bread, which I wanted, so I soaked them some couscous.  Nothing makes one feel more Jocasta than opening a new packet of couscous and pouring on hot water to give to chickens..  Anyway, I bought basic wholemeal for the chooks and a posh-looking pain de campagne sort of thing for me.  Darlings, it was disappointing.  I could see why it was £1.59 or something, when it would have been a couple of quid at the co-op and a lot more at the independent wholefood store.  I’d do better with branded bread if I can’t get to the bakery.

Anyway, as you can see, I’ve written a lot but I’ve said absolutely nothing.  Maybe I should try again with things on the news that have caught my eye.  Or delve into childhood again, because everyone likes that.

Z is like the Cow’s Tail

I did do the work last night – not that any of you doubted me, surely* – but this afternoon’s meeting has provided more.  So, because it’ll be simpler that way, I’m going to do them next.

Some overnight snow would be lovely as we’ve only had the lightest sprinkling here so far and I do love to build a snowman.  However, I need to leave at about 10 for my appointment with the solicitor, so maybe it isn’t the best time for a goodly snowfall.  Hmm – actually, if it came to it, I’d put snowman over solicitor.  As long as I can do all I have to do next Monday, that’s all I need a clear road for, or rather a succession of them. I’ll be getting about a bit, as I have friends to pick up and take to a funeral in Norwich and then am going down to Mig, before visiting Ziggi the next day.  Charlotte is staying here to keep the home fires burning and she will have Ben to keep her company.

And I’ve had long phone calls this evening, so I’m all behind and much catch up again.  Surely I’ll think of something more interesting to write about tomorrow.**

*you have too much faith altogether, darlings

**don’t depend on it

Will Z do it?

Well, it all went pretty well after all.  It seems that I still do have a good idea of what I’m talking about, I was reassured about where I’m at and I’m quite looking forward to the follow-up work, if not sure when I will have time to do it.  I’ve a five-week deadline for the next stage of that.  I did some work at once, though that was only a matter of a conversation and an email, will write up notes from the meeting this evening and tackle a really boring job that I’ve been putting off simply because it is boring.

In celebration, I have started a second bar of chocolate that I was given for Christmas.  Just two squares, of course.

I also cooked the sole for dinner.  Very simple, sole à la meunière with home made chips, cooked twice properly, of course, and peas.  I had to cut off the end of the tail to nearly fit it in the pan and I couldn’t eat much more than half of it.  IMG_3691I trust you appreciate the single rose, hem hem.  I know all about elegant dining.

If I don’t get back to some work now, I’ll regret it in the morning.


Z eats chocolate pud

Well, I’ve caught up and have had dinner.  And it’s 7 minutes past eight, as I write this, so that’s not too bad.  All the same, it’s not actually good enough, because sending out documents for a meeting in the morning is not reasonable after 5 o’clock and it was nearer seven.

I know I’m trading on my situation and it’s true that I’m over-burdened, but it’s not a viable excuse.  That is, it’s not professional and, if I can’t manage, I should pass it on.  I will give myself one more meeting and then decide.  At present, I’m not good enough.  All the same, I have done the work and haven’t *quite* passed the deadline, even though I’ve taken others to the wire,  Maybe that’s not unreasonable in the circumstances, I am usually quite good at this job and expecting perfection might be puffing myself up too much?  Heh. no.  Writing it makes it so plain that isn’t the case.

All the same, I’m ready for tomorrow and after that, the pressure is off, except for writing up notes.  Actually, the rest of the week is tricky, two heavy meetings tomorrow, another on Thursday and a meeting with my solicitor on Friday re Probate followed by more governor stuff.  The next week is free – there’s the funeral on Monday, then I’m driving to Mig, down to Zig for her birthday…nothing but friendship and love.  Nothing else matters, after all, when we look back on our lives.


1 Hairdresser.  Newly cut hair, which I enjoy very much.  My hairdresser is getting married this weekend – yay, Nikki!

2 Nice chats in town with shopkeeper friends.

3 Bacon and eggs for lunch.  Though I remembered too late that I forgot to feed the chooks this afternoon.  That’ll be okay until first light tomorrow, so I’d better get up early.  Woe!

4 My monthly cleaners came today, so everywhere is clean and tidy.  Joy.

5 The afternoon was spent on school stuff, except for things that came through by email during the day which couldn’t wait.  All dealt with,

I have lit a scented candle, which Ziggi gave me the last time I was with her.  So that’s lovely and I’m relaxing in front of the fire for the rest of the evening, except for a few minutes making chocolate cake.

Z just sits

I’ve done almost nothing today – the usual stuff, that is, fed the chickens, walked the dog twice, basic and necessary cleaning, but nothing that I didn’t have to do.  I haven’t even lit the fire yet and one of my small daily pleasures is not to wait until evening for that, unless I’m out all day.

I have come to recognise the effects of pushing myself close to my limit and, when I’ve done that, I want to retreat into myself for a while.  This really is a nuisance, I have a lot of work to do in preparation for a meeting on Wednesday morning and more again before Friday, but I can only push myself at these times if I genuinely must.    Admitting it sometimes spurs me on, which is the reason I’m writing about it now.

I am doing well.  I was upset and angry again in the night and this morning, but not dreadfully so.  I have thought about writing it all down, in the hope of clearing my mind, but I haven’t done so yet.  When I first started becoming anxious about Russell, I did start another blog for my eyes only, but I only wrote on it twice and haven’t looked again.  I’ve never kept a diary, except an appointment one, until I started blogging.  Blogging itself is mainly positive and cheerful because that’s what it’s here for, as far as I’m concerned.  If I’m not feeling great when I start writing, I’m usually feeling better by the time I finish.  I don’t know that a pouring-out sort of blog will help.

Right.  Positives.

1 Jamie called in for a cup of tea this morning, to check I’m all right, and kindly brought in some more logs for me and refilled the coal scuttles.

2 I’ve pulled myself together sufficiently to light the fire.

3 I was concerned that there was a rat getting into the chicken run as there seemed to be more digging in the earth floor than they would have done, so always put their food up high, but there’s no sign any more.  A cat made her home in the adjoining barn and reared a litter of kittens, so she has evidently seen off the vermin, good girl.

4  Three eggs this afternoon.  I don’t need three eggs a day and at this rate will be giving them away again, but nice to have them laying.

5 I’ve bought mackerel and a Dover sole today.  I expect eating Dover sole is frowned on, but it was already there and must be within quota or it wouldn’t be sold.  My nice fishmonger comes with his van on a Monday morning.

6 It isn’t a positive at all, but a decision anyway, I think I’m going to buy a new fridge.  Mine is running far too cold, a whole bottle of milk in the door was frozen solid yesterday.

7 A letter and a book arrived this morning from a friend, which was lovely.  Well, a card in fact, of a photo of Saki.  A select few of us adore Saki.  I haven’t heard from him (the friend, that is) since before Christmas and I’m afraid I hadn’t replied to his last letter at all.  I’ve not found letter-writing easy and I’m too tired by the evening anyway.  I should just direct everyone to the blog – though he knows of it and is an occasional, at least, reader.  Anyway, that’s my mission for this evening: to write to him.


Z has an interesting day

But discretion prevents me from talking about it.  That is, I’d tell you in person but not post it on the internet, for entirely sensible reasons.

However, it’s been eventful anyway.  I dug up Natasha Tort this morning and first weighed her (57g), then put her in the run in the kitchen, covered with a goodly layer of earth.  She was awake within half an hour and running around, though, so I took her out and gave her a warm bath.  She has been quite energetic and has eaten some lamb’s lettuce, so all is well there.  Anastasia weighs 63g at present, but N looks rather bigger, having grown a lot while A was hibernating.  N will gain lost weight soon.

Weeza and Zerlina came over to help me today, so I lit a fire in the first dining room woodburner.  I’m using a lot of wood this year, but I don’t care at all.  By the time I sell up here, I don’t mind if I’ve used it all, as I’ll leave behind the rest -assuming the new incumbents want it, if not it can all go to Weeza and Phil.

Later, Bex and Dave came over with Ben, who is spending a couple of nights with me.  He takes it all relaxedly and is now asleep in an armchair.

I didn’t pick up eggs yesterday, but this morning there were five, with another this afternoon.  Good girls!

Z is relaxed….

A busy day – I went over to Weeza’s yesterday afternoon and we sank a bottle of Spanish red during the evening, while waiting for Phil to come home.  He’d been to the funeral of an old family friend in Southampton.

The children’s new bedrooms are ready but they hadn’t yet moved in.  Zerlina, who is charm and hospitality personified (at the age of six, she will be the Hostess with the Mostess when she’s older) offered me her new bedroom to sleep in last night.  So we shifted a bed and that’s where I spent the night.

This morning, we picked up young Reuben, who is the son of the couple whose NYE party I went to and then went on to their riding lesson.  They share an hour every other week, which is a good idea for Christmas presents…  Jess is the dark grey pony and she and I greeted each other by breathing.  I didn’t touch her with my hand until we’d nuzzled faces.  I’m more than half dog, but most of the rest is horse and we usually find a rapport.  Zerlina is so calm and relaxed on a pony, her posture is excellent and she seems to be doing well, so far.

Reu’s parents came over for coffee and we chatted for some time: they’re excellent company,  Then , after lunch, we started to move furniture from one separate end of the house to the children’s new rooms, which was quite arduous. Flat-pack furniture is designed neither to be taken apart and reassembled, nor to be shifted as it is.  The beds were okay but the wardrobe was a beast.  I didn’t add much muscle, but could see what was feasible and added some stability when required.  The wardrobe fitted to the final centimetre.

And by then, it was nearly 4 o’clock and I needed to be home to feed the chickens, so I shot off and got back at dusk.  It’s fine.  Anastasia ate some more leaves and the chooks were pleased to see me, or so their crooning seemed to say,  I’ve had bacon and eggs for supper – I expect the bantams laid more eggs today, but I didn’t look.  I made a couple of phone calls – yes I know, unsociable Z! I phoned and chatted.

I rather want a bath and an early night, but I’ve got two days’ papers to read.  So I’ll warm the bed with the blanket and sit for an hour or two, surrounded by newspapers.  I’ll take tea with me, it will be pleasant.  I have quite a lot of paperwork to complete tomorrow, but darling Weeza is coming to help.

Oh, and Ben the dog is going to come too, to spend a couple of days with me while his new family is away.  I’m the dog granny now, which is fine.  If he worries, I’ll comfort him.

Z’s furniture is evaluated

It’s been a productive day, if not the most cheering one.  Al, Dilly and Hadrian arrived this morning and spent several hours turning out Stuff.  Nothing vital was found, unfortunately, which is a bit bewildering as there are a few things I really did expect to find in that room, but never mind.  I just have to keep on looking.

Then the valuer came and we spent several hours going over the whole house. This is, in some ways, the worst bit about the whole thing because it’s so insulting to me – he isn’t, it’s the Probate system – but never mind.  One just gets on and deals with it.

In the middle of it all, the phone rang and I left it to the answerphone, but it turned out to be a friend who lives in Cornwall who had only just found out that Russell had died, because he’s mentioned in this week’s Ant1qu3s Tr@de Ga223tt3.  So I had to pick up the phone and speak to him.

Later, a fairly dull but necessary and good-humoured meeting at school, going through documents very thoroughly.  All the most pedantic people were there to discuss present participles, gerunds, why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings.  If we hadn’t all started joking, I daresay we’d have finished earlier, but we ended up trying each to outdo the others in nit-picking.  I considered buying fish and chips on the way home, but didn’t, as I’d bought some chicory yesterday and thought I’d better eat some of it.  It’s not my favourite,but I just fancied it.


Here is my splendid new axe.  There’s nothing to show the scale, so I’ve just measured it and it’s 90cm long, just under 3 feet.  It’s heavy too, the head weighs 6 pounds, which I suppose is about 2.7kg.

I’m tired, it’s been a bit much overall, but it’s good to have yet another job ticked off the list.  I’ve got several more things to be done by this time next week, and then I’m going to see the solicitor again.

Early night now, I think.  Sleep well, darlings.

Six things

Today –

1 Visited a friend for coffee and lunch.  We went for a walk too.

2 My new axe was delivered.

3 Roses came through for a drink.  By the end of the evening, we’d had several drinks and dinner too.  And she didn’t even have to go outside to go home.

4 I’ve changed my bedclothes, so have the pleasure of fresh sheets tonight.

5 I went to the Big Supermarket, because the local one doesn’t have bags of lamb’s lettuce, so now I don’t have to chomp dispiritedly through packs of mixed salad, just so that Anastasia has her favourite food.

6 I’m getting two eggs a day from the bantams now, which is just right.

Z talks to friends

I seem to have spent most of the day with people, which is lovely in many ways but much of it was unexpected, so I haven’t got a lot done.  Still, a couple of essentials dealt with, so I’ve reached my satisfaction quotient for the day.  And I gave blood, so I know I’m not anaemic.  Well, I wasn’t. I suppose I am now, temporarily.  They’re bringing the appointments a bit closer together, it used to be six months apart and it’s edged to four.  The next time I’m booked is in 15 weeks. It’s all a bit weird really, seeing them carry off all those bags.  I don’t think i’d like to, it seems a bit like sitting in a warm chair that someone has only just got up from.  I’m not sure that analogy makes sense at all, now I read it again.