Z is like the Cow’s Tail

I did do the work last night – not that any of you doubted me, surely* – but this afternoon’s meeting has provided more.  So, because it’ll be simpler that way, I’m going to do them next.

Some overnight snow would be lovely as we’ve only had the lightest sprinkling here so far and I do love to build a snowman.  However, I need to leave at about 10 for my appointment with the solicitor, so maybe it isn’t the best time for a goodly snowfall.  Hmm – actually, if it came to it, I’d put snowman over solicitor.  As long as I can do all I have to do next Monday, that’s all I need a clear road for, or rather a succession of them. I’ll be getting about a bit, as I have friends to pick up and take to a funeral in Norwich and then am going down to Mig, before visiting Ziggi the next day.  Charlotte is staying here to keep the home fires burning and she will have Ben to keep her company.

And I’ve had long phone calls this evening, so I’m all behind and much catch up again.  Surely I’ll think of something more interesting to write about tomorrow.**

*you have too much faith altogether, darlings

**don’t depend on it

3 comments on “Z is like the Cow’s Tail

  1. Z Post author

    Not enough to have to clear, John. Quarter of an inch at best. I took a photo but Rog’s gorgeous photo on Facebook has made sure it’ll stay right where it is on my phone.

    Good point, Rog. I have to acknowledge the possibility that I was talking nonsense. I banked on no one noticing.


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