Will Z do it?

Well, it all went pretty well after all.  It seems that I still do have a good idea of what I’m talking about, I was reassured about where I’m at and I’m quite looking forward to the follow-up work, if not sure when I will have time to do it.  I’ve a five-week deadline for the next stage of that.  I did some work at once, though that was only a matter of a conversation and an email, will write up notes from the meeting this evening and tackle a really boring job that I’ve been putting off simply because it is boring.

In celebration, I have started a second bar of chocolate that I was given for Christmas.  Just two squares, of course.

I also cooked the sole for dinner.  Very simple, sole à la meunière with home made chips, cooked twice properly, of course, and peas.  I had to cut off the end of the tail to nearly fit it in the pan and I couldn’t eat much more than half of it.  IMG_3691I trust you appreciate the single rose, hem hem.  I know all about elegant dining.

If I don’t get back to some work now, I’ll regret it in the morning.


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