Z eats chocolate pud

Well, I’ve caught up and have had dinner.  And it’s 7 minutes past eight, as I write this, so that’s not too bad.  All the same, it’s not actually good enough, because sending out documents for a meeting in the morning is not reasonable after 5 o’clock and it was nearer seven.

I know I’m trading on my situation and it’s true that I’m over-burdened, but it’s not a viable excuse.  That is, it’s not professional and, if I can’t manage, I should pass it on.  I will give myself one more meeting and then decide.  At present, I’m not good enough.  All the same, I have done the work and haven’t *quite* passed the deadline, even though I’ve taken others to the wire,  Maybe that’s not unreasonable in the circumstances, I am usually quite good at this job and expecting perfection might be puffing myself up too much?  Heh. no.  Writing it makes it so plain that isn’t the case.

All the same, I’m ready for tomorrow and after that, the pressure is off, except for writing up notes.  Actually, the rest of the week is tricky, two heavy meetings tomorrow, another on Thursday and a meeting with my solicitor on Friday re Probate followed by more governor stuff.  The next week is free – there’s the funeral on Monday, then I’m driving to Mig, down to Zig for her birthday…nothing but friendship and love.  Nothing else matters, after all, when we look back on our lives.


1 Hairdresser.  Newly cut hair, which I enjoy very much.  My hairdresser is getting married this weekend – yay, Nikki!

2 Nice chats in town with shopkeeper friends.

3 Bacon and eggs for lunch.  Though I remembered too late that I forgot to feed the chooks this afternoon.  That’ll be okay until first light tomorrow, so I’d better get up early.  Woe!

4 My monthly cleaners came today, so everywhere is clean and tidy.  Joy.

5 The afternoon was spent on school stuff, except for things that came through by email during the day which couldn’t wait.  All dealt with,

I have lit a scented candle, which Ziggi gave me the last time I was with her.  So that’s lovely and I’m relaxing in front of the fire for the rest of the evening, except for a few minutes making chocolate cake.

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    1. Z Post author

      I will, Tim, and mine to you. Hope to see you before long, all been a bit busy recently … any chance you can come to the blog party?


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