Six things

Today –

1 Visited a friend for coffee and lunch.  We went for a walk too.

2 My new axe was delivered.

3 Roses came through for a drink.  By the end of the evening, we’d had several drinks and dinner too.  And she didn’t even have to go outside to go home.

4 I’ve changed my bedclothes, so have the pleasure of fresh sheets tonight.

5 I went to the Big Supermarket, because the local one doesn’t have bags of lamb’s lettuce, so now I don’t have to chomp dispiritedly through packs of mixed salad, just so that Anastasia has her favourite food.

6 I’m getting two eggs a day from the bantams now, which is just right.

3 comments on “Six things

  1. Z Post author

    Well, according to the song, the lumberjack sleeps all night, so I’m hoping this will put an end to my insomnia.


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