Z’s furniture is evaluated

It’s been a productive day, if not the most cheering one.  Al, Dilly and Hadrian arrived this morning and spent several hours turning out Stuff.  Nothing vital was found, unfortunately, which is a bit bewildering as there are a few things I really did expect to find in that room, but never mind.  I just have to keep on looking.

Then the valuer came and we spent several hours going over the whole house. This is, in some ways, the worst bit about the whole thing because it’s so insulting to me – he isn’t, it’s the Probate system – but never mind.  One just gets on and deals with it.

In the middle of it all, the phone rang and I left it to the answerphone, but it turned out to be a friend who lives in Cornwall who had only just found out that Russell had died, because he’s mentioned in this week’s Ant1qu3s Tr@de Ga223tt3.  So I had to pick up the phone and speak to him.

Later, a fairly dull but necessary and good-humoured meeting at school, going through documents very thoroughly.  All the most pedantic people were there to discuss present participles, gerunds, why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings.  If we hadn’t all started joking, I daresay we’d have finished earlier, but we ended up trying each to outdo the others in nit-picking.  I considered buying fish and chips on the way home, but didn’t, as I’d bought some chicory yesterday and thought I’d better eat some of it.  It’s not my favourite,but I just fancied it.


Here is my splendid new axe.  There’s nothing to show the scale, so I’ve just measured it and it’s 90cm long, just under 3 feet.  It’s heavy too, the head weighs 6 pounds, which I suppose is about 2.7kg.

I’m tired, it’s been a bit much overall, but it’s good to have yet another job ticked off the list.  I’ve got several more things to be done by this time next week, and then I’m going to see the solicitor again.

Early night now, I think.  Sleep well, darlings.

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  1. 63mago

    I think this “value”-thing is very embarrassing, it may make sense and be justified in the connection of an authority’s acting, but nevertheless it is intrusive & unfriendly. I hope it all went well and acceptable. And Cornwall is seemingly a bit secluded.

    Interesting choice of axe, I’d call it a “Spaltaxt”, looks a bit like a Franziska. With nearly 3 kg it seems to be on the heavy side, but I’m sure you can handle this, some of them come even with nearly 4 kgs. I think the handle is foamed and gives good grip. Dry at least – perhaps it is worth to check how the material reacts when wet ? Just to be sure that it does not get slippery. [Some axes have a wooden handle coated with “Lack” / lacquer – it looks nice and gives good finish, but is totally impractical : A drop of water and here flies your axe.] Do you have to grind it, or comes it “ready to use” ? Any way – happy whacking !

  2. Dinahmow

    Hello! Oh! The fun and games one has with malfunctioning readers and defective memory…
    But I think the memory thing is sorted.And I have a new reader. So all I need now is something to say .Besides “hello” and “nice to see you again”
    I do love the new header – Z all sideways with a bottle.Or, more likely, someone else all sideways with a camera!Roses, perhaps?
    Anyway, you look fine.

  3. Z Post author

    I’m not planning to use the axe myself, I have to admit. I’m old with dodgy joints and an uncertain aim. Better left to someone who knows what he’s doing. Even going bowling is a bit much for my old elbow and shoulder joints.

    Yes, Cornwall is lovely to visit, but that’s all, as far as I can see. But my friend lives in a gorgeous manor house, I can see the attraction…except it’s too far away from anywhere else. Anyway, the point of the valuation is to tax my estate when I die. Bastard ghouls.

    Hello Di, how lovely to hear from you again! I think Rog took the picture – do you recognise the dress? It was certainly at a blog party, not sure if it was the one you came to. 30th May this year, if you’re planning a visit!

    1. Blue Witch

      “Anyway, the point of the valuation is to tax my estate when I die.”

      Surely it is to make sure that your estate doesn’t pay too much IHT when you die? ie The Sage’s allowance can be used against half of the value now, rather than against the value later, which will be more. So, actually, it will save your beneficiaries (potentially lots of) money in the long term.

      Always best to look on the bright side (and I know you normally do).

      1. Z Post author

        No, not at all and both my solicitor and accountant agree with me. So does the valuer. They are all adamant that it’s best to have conservative estimates of value now and that it’ll all be revalued anyway once I die. The allowance can be used up now, by a Deed of Variation, but there’s no point as it’s added to mine for the future. If a person inherits something on which Inheritance Tax has been paid, then he himself dies, a year or two later, Inheritance Tax is due again on the same item. At least that rule does not apply now between spouses.

        Rather than give away items against R’s allowance, it’s better to give them away personally and then, if I live seven years or more, they will be free of tax and I’ll still have the double allowance intact for when I die. If I die earlier than seven years, my children will be no worse off.

          1. Z Post author

            We had the simplest possible wills, leaving everything to each other and, if one had died, to our children. It’s so straightforward that I don’t even have to update mine.

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