Z is relaxed….

A busy day – I went over to Weeza’s yesterday afternoon and we sank a bottle of Spanish red during the evening, while waiting for Phil to come home.  He’d been to the funeral of an old family friend in Southampton.

The children’s new bedrooms are ready but they hadn’t yet moved in.  Zerlina, who is charm and hospitality personified (at the age of six, she will be the Hostess with the Mostess when she’s older) offered me her new bedroom to sleep in last night.  So we shifted a bed and that’s where I spent the night.

This morning, we picked up young Reuben, who is the son of the couple whose NYE party I went to and then went on to their riding lesson.  They share an hour every other week, which is a good idea for Christmas presents…  Jess is the dark grey pony and she and I greeted each other by breathing.  I didn’t touch her with my hand until we’d nuzzled faces.  I’m more than half dog, but most of the rest is horse and we usually find a rapport.  Zerlina is so calm and relaxed on a pony, her posture is excellent and she seems to be doing well, so far.

Reu’s parents came over for coffee and we chatted for some time: they’re excellent company,  Then , after lunch, we started to move furniture from one separate end of the house to the children’s new rooms, which was quite arduous. Flat-pack furniture is designed neither to be taken apart and reassembled, nor to be shifted as it is.  The beds were okay but the wardrobe was a beast.  I didn’t add much muscle, but could see what was feasible and added some stability when required.  The wardrobe fitted to the final centimetre.

And by then, it was nearly 4 o’clock and I needed to be home to feed the chickens, so I shot off and got back at dusk.  It’s fine.  Anastasia ate some more leaves and the chooks were pleased to see me, or so their crooning seemed to say,  I’ve had bacon and eggs for supper – I expect the bantams laid more eggs today, but I didn’t look.  I made a couple of phone calls – yes I know, unsociable Z! I phoned and chatted.

I rather want a bath and an early night, but I’ve got two days’ papers to read.  So I’ll warm the bed with the blanket and sit for an hour or two, surrounded by newspapers.  I’ll take tea with me, it will be pleasant.  I have quite a lot of paperwork to complete tomorrow, but darling Weeza is coming to help.

Oh, and Ben the dog is going to come too, to spend a couple of days with me while his new family is away.  I’m the dog granny now, which is fine.  If he worries, I’ll comfort him.

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