Z has an interesting day

But discretion prevents me from talking about it.  That is, I’d tell you in person but not post it on the internet, for entirely sensible reasons.

However, it’s been eventful anyway.  I dug up Natasha Tort this morning and first weighed her (57g), then put her in the run in the kitchen, covered with a goodly layer of earth.  She was awake within half an hour and running around, though, so I took her out and gave her a warm bath.  She has been quite energetic and has eaten some lamb’s lettuce, so all is well there.  Anastasia weighs 63g at present, but N looks rather bigger, having grown a lot while A was hibernating.  N will gain lost weight soon.

Weeza and Zerlina came over to help me today, so I lit a fire in the first dining room woodburner.  I’m using a lot of wood this year, but I don’t care at all.  By the time I sell up here, I don’t mind if I’ve used it all, as I’ll leave behind the rest -assuming the new incumbents want it, if not it can all go to Weeza and Phil.

Later, Bex and Dave came over with Ben, who is spending a couple of nights with me.  He takes it all relaxedly and is now asleep in an armchair.

I didn’t pick up eggs yesterday, but this morning there were five, with another this afternoon.  Good girls!

3 comments on “Z has an interesting day

  1. Blue Witch

    Clearing out when there is a fire lit always bothers me.

    Every time I go out of the room the pile gets noticeably smaller.

    Mr BW swears that he doesn’t throw anything away that I haven’t looked at.

  2. Z Post author

    At least I’ve got them all in now and safe from foxes, though a bit fewer in number. I liked it best when they were completely free range and I went to the door in the morning to find them waiting for breakfast.

    Ooh, it would have been the opposite here. I’d put things for throwing out and Russell would save them. Now, we have to go through every scrap of paper as he had no idea of sorting and we might find the odd £20 or some vital document in a load of empty envelopes and sweet papers.


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