Z talks to friends

I seem to have spent most of the day with people, which is lovely in many ways but much of it was unexpected, so I haven’t got a lot done.  Still, a couple of essentials dealt with, so I’ve reached my satisfaction quotient for the day.  And I gave blood, so I know I’m not anaemic.  Well, I wasn’t. I suppose I am now, temporarily.  They’re bringing the appointments a bit closer together, it used to be six months apart and it’s edged to four.  The next time I’m booked is in 15 weeks. It’s all a bit weird really, seeing them carry off all those bags.  I don’t think i’d like to, it seems a bit like sitting in a warm chair that someone has only just got up from.  I’m not sure that analogy makes sense at all, now I read it again.


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  1. Z Post author

    Well, I clearly don’t need it all. I’ve replaced it with half a bottle of Prosecco and a couple of glasses of red wine.


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