Z has warm feet

I’m afraid I’ve turned on registration again.  I’m sorry, but there were nearly 70 spam comments in three days, all held in the spam folder but I really find it annoying.

The temperature hasn’t been much above freezing all day, though it doesn’t feel that cold to me.  I think my metabolism is running a bit higher than usual, I don’t seem to feel the cold and often wake up too hot in the night, which is quite odd as I’ve always been chilly and needed lots of cuddling in the past before I could go to sleep.  Just as well that isn’t necessary any more, of course.

I’ve been making appointments and various arrangements, so I trust it won’t be too long before I can apply for probate.  That will free me to decide what to do about various things.  Actually, that’s not right, is it?  I can decide now, I will be able to do it once I have probate.  However,there are so very many decisions to take, it’s not a cheering prospect.

Various depressing things have happened this evening – not to me, news about friends who aren’t well, so I will cheer myself before I go to bed with some good things.

1 I found two more things that I’ve been looking for, in Russell’s stuff.

2 Making those appointments is certainly a Good Thing.

3  I have all the chickens in now and they aren’t going to be let out until their wanderlust is curbed.

4 I had a particularly nice dinner tonight, having made some game soup and bought mussels.

5 In celebration, I opened a bottle of Prosecco.  And drank some of it, obv.



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  1. Z Post author

    I was getting that many in a day on the old blog, that’s why I switched. They were not being published, but coming into my inbox. You’re welcome to them, darling.


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