One of the bantams has developed a limp. I’m not sure what’s wrong, but she was huddled in the corner, not coming forward for mealworms yesterday. When I threw some for her, the others went over and she was afraid of them, not that any of them went for her. So I picked her up and put her in a kennel in the porch overnight, with a fire guard in front. I fetched a coop this morning, intending to put it in the porch, but there was a distinct pong of chicken poo, so outside it went. I’ve put a tarpaulin (known as a tilt, in East Angular) over most of it, with cling film covered in netting over the rest, to keep her within avian flu regulations. She’s not very happy but she’s rested for most of the day. If she survives, I’ll catch another chicken to keep her company. The sleeping area is on paving, covered in a quadruple layer of wool, then shavings and the rest is on grass. She will be comfortable, if she recovers from her lameness.

Weeza and Phil have a lot of workpeople and there won’t be parking or anything else tomorrow, so maybe the next day. Wink will be home by then, but she may be too jetlagged to want a long drive and sociability. She will, I know, want something easy to eat and relaxing when she gets home, so I’m making salmon kedgeree. There will be a choice of mulled red wine, pink Cava or any still wine, her choice. Or a soft drink, but I’m joking. She’s due to arrive at Heathrow soon after 1 o’clock tomorrow afternoon. Then she needs to go through baggage reclaim (she’ll bring home less than she took, for sure, even if she’s Christmas shopped) and get her car, then drive for three hours back here. She’ll be knackered!

The bantam has been named Hop, by the way. Not quite as optimistic as Hope, but not entirely hopeless…

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