It’s April already

I’ve been home a week and it feels like a lot longer, as a lot has gone wrong. From a matter so serious that I have to contact my solicitor, to a flood in the house, to my sister’s car trouble, to Easter Saturday in A&E because a family member was suddenly taken ill. I wasn’t really in a position to blog through any of this. The holiday feels as if it happened weeks ago, if at all. It was lovely though, so I hope I’ll manage to reminisce, but tomorrow I’m off to Weeza’s house to stay with Perdita and Gus, because Weeza and Phil are off on holiday for the week, to celebrate W’s birthday on Thursday.

This is just to tell you I’m alive. If I haven’t been missed, fair enough. I haven’t read blogs for a while myself. And I’m off to bed soon – my body clock is so confused that I have no idea of the time and sleep and eat when I think of it.

3 comments on “It’s April already

  1. MOTB

    Glad you had a good holiday. Sad things have been tough since you came home. And I missed your blog thoughts.


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