Home again again

I’ve been house/teen sitting for Weeza and Phil, but got home yesterday.

Big achievement of the day was emailing my solicitor and explaining the situation. I’ll phone the office by the end of the week to make an appointment to see him. It’ll be expensive, but the matter is big enough to ride with that.

Otherwise, it’s all right. Grandchildren are lovely and great company for the week. We are all, the whole family (14 of us) meeting on Sunday for a family lunch on Wink’s birthday. Wink and I have booked various London jollies and I’m planning a trip to the caravan at the beginning of May, hopefully with Rose.

Our very dear friend Lawrie, the closest we have to a brother, is coming this week (for a family funeral, so he’ll stay here for a couple of nights. His lovely wife has Alzheimer’s, so her daughter (not his biological daughter but they love each other as much as if she is) is coming to stay, so it’s a break for him, knowing Lynn is all right. We went to their golden wedding celebration last September, which was a fabulous celebration. Though she may not remember 5 minutes ago, she could sing all the old songs that their son performed and I sang along with her – not something I’d do with anyone else, now I don’t have Lovely Tim.

The cloakroom door still doesn’t close fully and, when the porch door is shut and the sun is shining, it’s decidedly humid in there. But there doesn’t seem to be an active leak any more, so it’s just the wood drying out and I’ll continue to be patient. Next thing to do is to empty the cloakroom, which has two cupboards and two big bookcases, then choose and order new wallpaper. Then get the papering and painting done and get new carpet. Then address the bathroom. Joy. Not. But it’s just stuff, it’ll be okay.

I feel as if I’m as much on top of things as I can be – and I slept well last night, which can’t be overstated. I biked into town and walked round the village, so I’m not without hope of some Healthy Sleep tonight.

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