Running and not even staying still, but at least there’s a date for the blog party

Really, it’s all been chaotic. It turned out that a mouse had eaten the overflow pipe from the bath and, though that hadn’t been used, the downpipe leaked as a result. No more mice, I can’t remember if I mentioned that those electronic things that you plug in and leave are working amazingly, as far as I can tell. No more mouse sounds and all traps ignored. The cat seems unaware of them.

Today, finally, I emptied the bookcase in the cloakroom – the big one, that is. The smaller one is a job that needs to be done. Stephen, who comes on a Thursday to help in the garden, moved it with me. I had to remember how it was put in, 37 years ago, to work out how to get it out again, but I managed it. Then it turned out to be too tall to where I wanted to put it – the books need to go back in – so it’s in the hall. Then I had to go out and am busy all day tomorrow in Norwich, so nothing more will happen until the weekend.

I’m getting to be as busy as I used to be, 15 years ago. I took on two more things today. But there it is. I’m looking after myself better than I used to. So let’s go for the listicle.

  1. I’m going to London next weekend with Wink and we’ve got lots of good things planned
  2. The week afterwards, I’m going to the caravan with Rose and – wait for it – I’m planning to leave on Thursday, even though I’ve got a meeting on Thursday evening. I’ll just say I can’t make it. This is what I mean when I say I’m looking after myself better.
  3. I made a list. A to-do list. This includes contacting the painter and decorator and dumping on him a job that I’d planned to do myself, but haven’t got around to. I want to but, frankly, it ain’t happening. So I’ll delegate.
  4. After I get back from the caravan, I’m going to be looking after the youngest grand babies for a couple of days. This is a rare treat and I’m looking forward to it very much.
  5. Plates are all still metaphorically spinning. I haven’t dropped any yet and I’m reasonably confident that I’m not going to.
  6. The blog party will be on Saturday, 25th May. You are all welcome to come and to stay. Open house, as ever.

This is as good as it’s likely to get, I could have whinged about all the down sides. But that’s not what I blog for.

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