Spring in Z’s step

The London weekend was really good. We went to three exhibitions, to the theatre to see Simon, had a couple of particularly sumptuous lunches and an equally decadent tea and thoroughly enjoyed being in our lovely city. The hotel was very close to the Business Design Centre in Islington, which was very convenient and we mostly took buses, as it is easy when you’ve got the TFL app to guide you.

Since getting back, spring seems finally to have arrived and today was warm and delightful. Cooler weather and, inevitably, rain forecast for Pembrokeshire, but I expect nothing else there. I’ve been too busy to get ready for the drive tomorrow, but I’ll leave as soon as I can in the morning to pick up Rose on the way. I have, at least, sorted out bedlinen, though was depressed, if not surprised, to be reminded by the caravan notebook that I’d intended to buy new net curtains, as they’re getting somewhat holey and I measured up the last time I was there and instantly forgot when I left.

We had a guest last night, a charming Russian woman (who married an Englishman and has lived in this country for the past 26 years) who gave a very good lecture on Kandinsky this morning. I’m rather keen on him and the other Blue Rider painters and we went to the exhibition about them at Tate Modern on Monday. I’m finding that I want to go to more art galleries, opera and ballet than ever before. I need the uplift, I suppose. We love the live streamings from the ROH and went to Carmen – which was fantastic – tonight. Beforehand, I had a long chat with Rhonda in Atlanta, which is why I haven’t packed but I’d rather talk to my friend than pack and will get up early tomorrow.

So it’ll be another week without blogging as I won’t have internet. For once, I want to watch something on television – or anyway, on Disney +, which I can’t get at the caravan. I’m so sorry that CJ Sansom has died. I knew he’d been ill for quite some time and it is a sad coincidence that he died the very week that the dramatisation of his first Matthew Shardlake book was about to be aired. I’m also sorry that Paul Auster has died, whose books I admire too.

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