Z has a successful week

Pembrokeshire was as magical as ever. I feel closest to Tim there, which is bittersweet, but better than usual this time as I wasn’t on my own as Rose was with me. The weather was unexpectedly marvellous, apart from a rainy Sunday, but I sat outside in the sunshine and went for long walks. However, there had been disaster over the winter because, in exceptionally rainy conditions, there had been several landslips onto the coastal path between the village and the next town of Saundersfoot. It’s going to be a considerable logistic problem to make the steep bank safe, I think, and rumour has it that it’ll cost in the region of £600,000, but it will be done.

Everyone at the caravan site was cheerful in the sunshine and I chatted to more people than I ever have. Tim and Viv used to have a convivial time there, with evening drinks and various get-togethers and Tim still had a good many friends a few years ago but, inevitably, people started to give up their caravans and younger incomers had their own families and friends. It’s not really a park for young adults though as there still is no internet.

We got back on Wednesday and, on Thursday morning, I went over to pick up Perdita from Dora’s house, to look after her for the day and then fetch her brother in the afternoon after school. Ro had a series of business meetings in Chester and Dora was about to go on holiday – since their divorce they have remained on good terms and always help out and swap childcare, but the meetings had cropped up after Dora had booked her holiday. It’s been a fabulous few days with the children and we persuaded Ro to let them stay an extra night.

When I got back from returning them home, Wink and I went to the street market in Yagnub – several times a year, the street is closed for stalls and, in May, the theme is plants. I came back with some greenhouse vegetable plants and bedding plants for tubs. I didn’t need a huge number as I’d got some for Perdita to plant on Thursday. When we’d put our spoils in the car, we went back to the pub for a drink. We’d hoped for lunch but everything on offer was hot and we’d really have liked a salad, even a sandwich. So cold lager had to suffice. We had an entertaining conversation with two women who sat at our table, the ebullient younger one was a hoot. Very chatty, with an infectious laugh, we spent a convivial hour.

I came home and slept most of the afternoon, on and off. I was listening to a radio serial and I had to keep going back to a bit I remembered. I’m getting a bit long in the tooth to be woken up early by cheerful children – who normally stay in bed until after 7 at home but were awake much, much earlier with the excitement of being here. We’d cooked and eaten a pile of pancakes before 8 o’clock on Saturday.

Tomorrow, admin and planting all the goodies I bought today.

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