Homeward bound

Wink is home after three weeks visiting her friends in Chennai. She’s had a wonderful time and now is having an early night – India is 5 1/2 hours ahead of Britain and so she was flying backwards and it’s been a long, long day, with a three hour drive at the end of it. I’d got a bottle of fizz in the fridge, to perk her up enough for an early dinner of kedgeree. But she’s going to rest tomorrow.

Hop the bantam is all right, I left her alone most of the day. She went out in the morning, then snuggled down for a rest. I just checked on her every few hours. I’m rather concerned about Solo though, whose face is not very healthy. It’s a very bad wound and he can’t lick or clean it. There’s nothing I can do, I don’t see any way to catch him. I’m anxious, but helpless.

To end on a more cheerful note, Eloise cat is thrilled to see Wink. I spent the afternoon making both houses very warm – Wink has spent 3 weeks in 30ÂșC heat.

2 comments on “Homeward bound

  1. Blue Witch

    Salmon kedgeree is a delight I have never thought about. I shall try it.

    Do they still eat kedgeree in India? I know it was originally/historically a different dish, but have never seen a recipe for the original version that is said to include lentils.

    Hope Wink is recovering.

    1. Z Post author

      I’ve never eaten it there, but I have a recipe. Also for the salmon kedgeree. I’ll put them on my next post.

      Wink is fine, her body clock is still a bit random, but she’s getting there, thank you.


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