Z’s sandals are made for walking…

We arrived back in Norfolk yesterday, but I wasn’t here for long.  Weeza and family had spent the week on Corfu and I’d arranged to pick them up from Norwich airport, drive them back to their house and stay overnight.  And that’s what happened, only two and a half hours late.  Storms over southern England meant that their plane didn’t take off on time, lost its slot and had to wait.

However, they finally emerged from the airport at about quarter past eleven and the holiday itself had been a great success.  So had mine and Tim’s. He showed me a lot more of the lovely Pembrokeshire scenery, we walked a lot – and such a pleasure that is; to be able to do so.  When my consultant asked me, as they do, what I hoped for from my operation (I suppose it’s to gauge whether one’s expectations are realistic), I said that I wanted to walk without noticing each step.  And I reached that within a few weeks, but how I actively enjoy and appreciate the simple function of walking.

Not having had a lot of sleep last night, I don’t feel inclined to stay up much longer tonight.  We’ve done more gardening, started to fill the skip that was delivered yesterday (yes, another – I know!!) and walked down to the former Otter Trust to see its reincarnation as a Wetlife Centre and rare breed centre.  Still walking, you see.  Once you get into the way of noticing how far you walk, it becomes a bit of an obsession, if only for a week or two (10,329 steps by 22.11 this evening).

Tomorrow, we’re picking up two more chickens from a friend.  We’re quite excited.

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