Mostly about chickens again…

I really should get around to posting pictures, but the internet is lamentably slow tonight, even more than usual, and I just can’t face it.  I’m thinking of using my old Blogger blog for photos, with a link from here, because it’s much quicker to load a number of them over there.

The new bantams are rather oversized for bantams, quite a bit bigger than any we’ve ever had and huge compared to the Seramas.  They’re in their own coop in the big run, I’ll give them a few days to feel at home.  The bigger of the two, who is brown, had her beak open and looked a bit stressed, but she’s eating and drinking so it can’t be that bad.  The other one, who is black, seemed quite composed.  They’re four months old, so not laying yet.

I went out to feed the chickens this morning and only two, the tiny black one and the cockerel, came to greet me.  The other Serama was in her box, where she usually is, and the last remaining of our old bantams was in a coop.  So I fed them and went to feed the chickens.  And then I went back, taking a dish of water ready for the newcomers, and some greens for the ones there, and three came to greet me.  So I looked in the coop and Mona, who’d been sitting, and Jet had laid eggs.  Mona was evidently recovering from her efforts when I’d been there a few minutes previously.  We had the eggs for breakfast, poached as I always do with truly new-laid eggs but no others.

I’ve been awake since 6 and am ready for bed.  So sorry not to be jolly evening company, but I can hardly stay awake.  Shameful, innit?

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