Z is going offline

I won’t have wifi for the next few days, so this will be the last blog post until … well, until I’m back again.

The main thing in my thoughts at present is that I’ve given away the last of the tortoises.  They were never my pets but Russell’s, though I had to look after them once he wasn’t well enough and, once we had the babies; the Tots as I called them, he never did get to grips with their needs and I had to do so.  I’ve been conscientious and I was quite fond of them, but not enough.  I didn’t want them to go to strangers, but it’s been friends of friends who knew what they were doing – anyway, Natasha, the last of them, was picked up this afternoon and wee’ed on Roses as a parting salvo.  And now I can dismantle the run in the porch and get that space back.  There is a pang but I’d made up my mind.

Not as a secondary thing at all, but I saw him a couple of days ago so wished him all the wonderful wishes that a granny does: it’s Hadrian’s sixth birthday today.  His father made him, by request, a skull cake – we’re the Addams Family at heart.  I gave him Lego – it’s all themed nowadays, of course, and they are very much into Minecraft, so it was one of those sets and he was very pleased and has set about making it up today.

Music now.  LT has got out an LP 😀

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