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An eventful week it’s been. I wasn’t born in time for the last coronation, so I was looking forward to this one and I took the very sensible opportunity to catch up on the ironing. Six king size duvets, seven large tablecloths, numerous napkins and pillowcases and a few clothes took just about as long as the ceremony and procession did. I loved it – not the ironing, satisfying though that was, once it was done – but the coronation itself.

The decorator is amazingly quick. He (and his mate Trevor) had finished by lunchtime on Friday. We’ve been putting stuff back, or sometimes not. I’m afraid the study is a dumping ground for everything that has to be sorted out and decided upon, but the newly painted rooms will not be so cluttered again.

I was advised by two people – three, in fact, but two were a married couple – not to downsize and we all know how good I am at taking advice. They were all clients, bringing china over for the next auction and they’ve made sensible moves that turned out not to be as happy as they should have been. Unless there’s a pressing reason for it, they recommended not moving unless I really wanted to.

That’s what I think too. Moving to is a different mindset to moving from. Unless something goes awry with my longterm health, that won’t shorten my life but will impact on my ability to cope, I’m staying put for a few more years yet. I’d like to see out 100 years since my in-laws bought this house in August 1928. It doesn’t matter, it’s an arbitrary anniversary, but it has the great advantage of letting me put off a decision.

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    1. Z Post author

      Thank you, darling. I recognise that I risk leaving it so late that I want to have moved but don’t have the fortitude, but I am sure it wouldn’t be right for me at present.

  1. Blue Witch

    You have the space to have a live-in carer. Somehow I don’t see you living in a care home, if you needed some sort of care later on. I doubt there is much difference in the cost these days either.

    Maybe you and Wink could have two – one each, one does morning, one does afternoona nd they take it in turns to be ‘on call’ at night, so you would then have 24 hour cover.

    Why move from where you had two happy marriages and are surrounded by your own things and happy memories?

    You could even invite someone else to join you, if you knew anyone who might fit in.

    1. Z Post author

      I wasn’t thinking quite that far ahead, just downsizing. But I have considered what’s feasible in that respect too – it’s the management of the house that’s complicated, I’m the easy bit. Still, I’m perfectly able to do things myself and I’m not ‘that’ old.

  2. Blue Witch

    Have an estate manager too! But yes, I see what you mean. Any sort of non-standard house has its own needs, that take time and energy to manage.


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