Z really loses Focus

Ronan ran into a problem when insuring the car, because they’d only insure a car that doesn’t belong to him if the owner lives at the same address. So I’ve transferred it to him a couple of months early. He’s got a savings account that matures in May. It’s all very easy to do online nowadays, i didn’t have to send anything in by post. So the car ownership is transferred and the tax has been paid. Tomorrow, the charging point will be installed here, outside the workshop and the next day I’ll pick up my new car, thanks to Wink who is giving me a lift to Beccles.

I have a lot of papers, dating back several years and Wink and I have been sorting them out. I need her to drive me forward, I start to panic whenever there’s something I need to attend to. I can do it at once or I hide from it. But we’re getting towards the home straight. I unpacked a couple of boxes that I’d brought back from Tim’s house, packed by our sister-in-law. I won’t keep everything and there’s a quantity of nice stuff for the charity shop. I was puzzled by a few items that I couldn’t place, I may have to check with her. But it’s nothing to fuss about. Tomorrow, there will be a live video tour of his house, which I don’t know that I will watch. It seems a bit much for me. Several people have registered an interest with the agents and I’ve told them they’re free to arrange viewings for the next couple of weeks – and after that too, but I may need notice to keep out of the way, if they’re arranged for when I’m down there.

I’m a bit concerned about mama cat, who doesn’t seem to be eating much. She’s very picky for a feral cat, but she’s eating less than usual, or seems to be. I love her very much and she’d be a house cat if it weren’t for Eloise cat’s objection. I don’t know how old she is – at least 8 but she could be a lot older.

2 comments on “Z really loses Focus

  1. savannah49

    I totally understand the loss of focus and the panic that starts when something MUST be done, but I’ve learned that, for me, the only way to get past all of that is to just do whatever it is and then spend a few minutes hoping I did it correctly! LOL Here’s to better days, sweetpea! xoxo

    1. Z Post author

      I’ve blanked stuff for too many years, I need to get myself together. You’re right, it’s best to just do it. It’s never as bad as you’ll think it will be. Happy anniversary, you wonderful couple xoxox


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