Z loses Focus (the car, darlings, the car)

Wink and I took Ro out for lunch at his local pub, which was really excellent.  His small children were with us and the children’s menu was a decent one, including the option of the Sunday roast that Ro and I had.  The children were adorable and behaved very well.  It’s worth getting children used to being in restaurants, if possible, because they learn how to behave in company.  Young Perdita had fish fingers, mashed potato and peas and she pretty well ate the lot, and it was a generous portion.  She’s only just two, but she has a very healthy appetite.

The reason for going, in the first place, was to deliver my car to Ronan.  We had a quick run with it this afternoon – it’s the first time he’s driven an automatic and he didn’t quite know what to do with his left hand or foot.  It’ won’t take long for it to be second nature.  I’ve always alternated between automatic and a car with a clutch, it’s fine … mostly.  Next time I go to Reading, later this month, I’ll go in the BMW and it’s fine until, after a long time on the motorway, you come to a junction and, ahem, forget about the clutch.  I haven’t actually stalled yet, but there are a few instances of kangaroo petrol.

If you’re used to an automatic, an electric car isn’t that different.  A few things to learn, though, no doubt I’ll report back.

I filled up at Tesco on the way, because that was the nearest petrol station open. Everyone fills up on a Sunday at noon, it seems. I joined the shortest queue which, as so often, was a mistake. I appreciate that the new thing of taking £100 in advance if you pay by card is a problem for some, but if it isn’t then why would you not pay at the pump? No one did and they joined yet another queue indoors. But one young woman had problems before she got that far. It was splendid entertainment. She took a long time to even get out of the car and I can only think she was making phone calls. Then she did put in her card, got the hose out – and it wouldn’t reach across to the other side of her car. So she got back in, went forward then back, got out again, realised her rear end (the car’s, of course) was sticking out too far, went forward and back again, tried again and the hose still wouldn’t reach. I’m sure it would have, I’ve used them on the ‘wrong’ side of the car before. She tried to cancel her card payment, couldn’t, shifted her car yet again – and then I was able to fill my own car, so I didn’t see the rest, but she wasn’t there a few minutes later, so the floor show must have ended in success.

2 comments on “Z loses Focus (the car, darlings, the car)

  1. savannah49

    Ah, driving! I do miss it. Since moving back to Los Angeles, I haven’t been driving because when we first got back, I had a sort of panic attack whilst out with the MITM. The traffic was truly far too much for me after having spent 26 years in Savannah, the city of hardly any REAL traffic. I still know HOW to drive, but no one trusts me TO drive. All will be repaired this month as super nana has made it her mission to get me back behind the wheel.

    I love the gas station story! I wonder how many times she’s made the same mistake? xoxo

    1. Z Post author

      I wouldn’t have dared drive in Atlanta, it was scary! I think I could have coped with Savannah, but Los Angeles would be way above my pay grade. Still, it’s so useful to drive, I think you’re right to have another try. I wish I’d visited Savannah when you were there, sugar xoxo


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