Z’s vicariously productive day

It all has gone well. Wink has gone through a couple of boxes of papers and found hardly any that are worth keeping and they’re from interest rather than need. I mostly caught up on laundry this morning. It’s mounted up because I couldn’t quite be bothered, but at least that means that each of the loads was at the right setting. I look for the silver lining, darlings.

The charger has been installed and I’ve downloaded the app to control it, which I don’t understand yet. But I’ve registered it to my address, my email and my credit card. Tomorrow, I’ll add the actual car.

I left the charger guy when I went off to the blood donor clinic and he was still there when I got back. I stood out in the cold for quite a long time, then went to deal with the animals and was freezing, so went for a hot bath. I got too hot and later I felt, not quite faint but pre-faint. I lay on the floor for a bit. I’m better now. I must do nothing after giving blood in future, I’m fine the next day but not in the hours afterwards. Age, darlings. I must embrace my old age and be glad that I can still do a bit of good, even if it’s just with three bags of my personal claret every year. Now, I’m sitting on the sofa with my cat by my side, feeling tranquil. I’ll have an early night.

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    1. Z Post author

      Yes, thank you. I just have to rest for the remainder of the day and I haven’t got used to that yet. But I was fine after a night’s sleep.


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