Everything is electric

I’m still getting to grips with registering my phone to the new car. I bluetoothed the connection, but what hasn’t switched yet is the Sounds radio and the satnav and I don’t know why. There’s nothing in the manual about it, so it must be in the – sorry – infotainment book and I haven’t looked at that yet.

As far as driving is concerned, it’s fine. What I’m happily getting used to is the function where the kinetic energy of the car recharges the battery. When I put it from neutral into drive, which is simply pulling the lever back, I have to briefly pull it back again, which engages that function. Then, when I take my foot off the accelerator, the car slows more than you’d expect normally and the battery takes the energy – and don’t expect a proper explanation, darlings, I am not going to pretend to understand more than I do. So if you know there’s a reduced speed limit coming up, you might take your foot right off so that it’ll slow enough without you braking, but if you’re just slowing for a bend, it may be better to ease off on the accelerator instead, to control how much you slow down. I like being able to learn how best to drive the car, rather more than finding out what to do with the software.

I’ve long been accustomed to letting the car slow as I approach a junction, rather than hitting the brake at the last moment. When you’ve got a carsick child, you do everything to minimise abruptness. He’s long grown out of carsickness, though he’s still not the best traveller, but good habits have remained. At the WI, many years ago, we had a speaker on ‘defensive driving’ – that is, driving to not get into trouble and to be smooth and economical to boot – and I already did most of what he said and probably will do so more.

Wince cut some of the grass today, so I drove to the petrol station and stopped by the pump in the electric car, to fill the can with petrol. Haha.

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