Z makes random notes

Today, I had my hair cut. Just trimmed, it’s still unsuitably long and I still don’t care. The hairdresser pins it back in layers as she cuts, so I see how white the lower bits are. Really white! All the top hair isn’t, apart from a bit of a streak at the front, and the hair at the back hasn’t really gone grey at all. I don’t know why not, it’s nothing I’ve done.

Then Wink took me out to lunch, She had a cauliflower steak with dhal, which was very good, she gave me some. I had a falafel burger. I asked for the half of the bun and nearly all the chips, to bring home for the chickens.

I’ve caught up on the washing. I had all the stuff from Tim’s house and the caravan, as well as what was here. Six loads washed and dried on the line.

Old Polly bantam is frail, we take her food and water and put her down on the ground in the morning, but she somehow struggles up to the perch in the evening, where she can barely hang on. She still enjoys her food, she hasn’t given up, but it can’t be long.

The visiting tabby is still cautious, but it starting to engage with me. Last night, he told me he wanted food. I put it down for him, without looking directly. He didn’t eat while I was there, but I’m sure he did after I left. He almost trusts me. I don’t know if he’s feral or if he has a home, but I suspect the former.

Tomorrow, a meeting at 9.30. Luckily in Yagnub, so I hardly have to be awake. I had to print off the papers, because my phone doesn’t like the website, which has all sorts of security stuff. I should check if there are any updates, because I can’t set it up to give alerts either, dammit.

2 comments on “Z makes random notes

  1. Scarlet

    I think hair generally loses colour from front to back – I’m still darkish at the back as well, but almost white at the sides underneath the top coat! I don’t mind any more, and I can’t be doing with dye, though I have a bit of fun with colour shampoos – easy wash in, wash out – no commitment, no iffy roots.

    1. Z Post author

      My father had black hair with a white streak at the front, but he was only 59 when he died. Neither my grandfather at 74 or my mother at 79 was completely white. So it’s the genes, I suppose.


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