Looking at schools

We were shown round the school where the meeting was held – it’s a Special school for children with autism. I hardly recognised the place – it had been the Middle school, then the sixth form centre. When the High school became an academy, 11 years ago, it took on the premises from the local authority and it was in a dreadful state, having been neglected for years. We managed to get grants for the major repairs (not before major flooding), but the teachers actually painted all the inside walls during their summer holiday before the 6th form opened there. This time, it’s been properly funded and the standard is very good. So is the care of the pupils; the Head and staff understand their needs well.

Having not been in a school for a couple of years, all our meetings being held online, I had been wondering whether to stand down as a Trust Member soon, but I felt myself regaining some enthusiasm and interest. I don’t know. I will see how it goes, I’m not sure that I will be of much use. We went on to have a tour of the High school after that, where there’s a big building programme, a whole new teaching block. New houses are being built on the edge of town, so more school places are needed. I hadn’t met the new Head in person before – the previous one was appointed CEO a couple of years ago.

Old Polly looks frailer than ever, but her feathers are glossy and she still eats well. I wonder if Wince might be able to fix a board for her to roost on, rather than having to balance on the perch. She’s quite wobbly and has to use her wings to keep steady.

I’m off to Norwich tomorrow, to the bank, to pay out the money due to Tim’s beneficiaries. It’ll be good to have that done. After that, it all gets busy. I’m going to bed now, to lie awake for hours and pretend i’m resting.

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