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I’ve always done it and Russell did for the best part of thirty years. Others have discovered its benefits (and disadvantages too) over the past year or so. My clarinet tuner has given up his premises and installed a sizeable, well-equipped shed in his garden, which probably cost a lot less than a year’s rent on the shop. We talked and he understands what I want. I said that I don’t know anything about technicalities, he does, so I will take his advice; given the framework I’ve explained. He’s also got the prettiest cat, an unusual shade of brown, which is more interesting than it sounds. I think she might be quite old, something about the way she walked. But anyway, I’m picking up my clarinet next Thursday and, by then, he’ll have options for me within my price range.

Ronan also decided he’d had it with the office commute and works from home permanently. He has been wfh since finishing parental leave a year ago, but has anyway changed jobs, to further his career as the young people do. We had a lovely time today at lunch, young Rufus tucked into his (good quality) sausages and mash with gusto, then a caramel cake, which turned out to have three layers: vanilla, caramel and chocolate, with a caramel buttercream, served with ice cream. Ronan advised that finishing it would be too much for him and he cheerily accepted the advice, so we asked for a doggybag.

We talked about applying for jobs. Why do people exaggerate their CVs? Do they think that checks aren’t made? Fine to blag a bit in an interview, but don’t put stuff down in writing that can be checked, because it will be. I’m not talking about telling lies about qualifications, more “chairman of the board” when it turns out to be a company comprising oneself and ones spouse, with a turnover of £20,000 a year and profit of not much. We look it up. It’s not hard to find. Anyway, Ro obviously didn’t do any of that because he’s not daft.

One of the cockerels didn’t want to come in last night, so I shut him out in the run. I felt bad, in the night, hearing it rain and went out this morning to apologise. He wasn’t there. I was bewildered. Eventually, I realised that there was a gap in the top of the run and he’d found it. There’s a section which can be lifted off, in case I need to get in the run and I’ve woven a bamboo cane through the wire netting next to it, to stabilise it. The bamboo had slipped and left a rooster-sized space. The boy was fine, but I can’t get him in. He’s not as tame as the girls are. I’ve left him food and shelter and he’ll be all right, as long as he has the sense to roost where a fox can’t get him, but he’s clearly lonely. Nothing I can do unless he’s willing to be helped, though.

After our lunch today, we couldn’t face a proper meal tonight. I really fancied sardines on toast, but had no sardines. So we settled on toasted cheese instead. And a glass of wine. Next time I go to the supermarket, I’ll stock up on sardines. And anything else that will give a light, savoury fix when we’ve had enough to eat at lunchtime and just want a little something before bed.

2 comments on “Working from home

  1. Blue Witch

    I can see a lot of pension funds, invested in city office buildings, now no longer required, taking a nose dive.
    Here’s hoping empty offices become homes to save the countryside.

    How do you make sardines on toast? Toast both sides and then add sardines, or toast one side, add sardines, then toast the top? Not something I’ve ever had.

    1. Z Post author

      It’s the reason the government wanted to encourage people back to work last September, the idiots. I hope the offices made into homes aren’t poky little apartments that are barely big enough to swing a cat, without gardens, but not holding my breath there.

      It’s ages since I made sardines on toast so I may have to report back. Probably toasted both sides, added sardines then put back under the grill. Might have only toasted one side of the bread, but certainly toasted the sardines under the grill, because they should be hot. Also add Tabasco or another hot (in another way) sauce to the sardines. Tim has been to the Co op and bought tins of sardines. He knows which way his bread is buttered. Though I’ve enough food for a few days, so it’ll be a while before I report back.


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