Post-lockdown languor

I’ve not found it very easy to get on with anything businesslike. I’ve let things drift, to the extent that I’m going to have a lot of work to do in a short time. But I still find I can’t worry too much about it. However, I did stir myself to contact my accountant last Friday to make an appointment. Rather to my alarm, she said that she could be free this week. I’d thought I’d have an extra week or two to gear myself up to do my paperwork. But I bit the bullet and made a date for today. So I put everything together yesterday.

It feels good, doesn’t it, when you actually get going and do a job? Furthermore, while I was about it, I have brought this year’s accounts up to date as well. Put down income and expenses for every month and printed out invoices. Charlotte my accountant confidently expects an email from me in early April next year, as soon as the new tax year begins, saying I’m done and dusted. It may even happen.

I have also contacted my clarinet tuner and booked in for tomorrow. My dear old clarinet is showing its age, I’m sorry to say. It’s about the same age that I am, but my keys aren’t chrome plated, even though my hips are porcelain and titanium. I’ve said to him that I want it repaired, but that it may be time to give it an honourable retirement and buy a new one. I’ve been in conversation with my clarinet teacher and may take lessons again. I’ve got to do something before I’m too old. I’m not too old to learn, it’s just getting more difficult. That’s quite all right. I’ve never shied away from difficult.

The rest of the week is looking good. Tim is in Reading at present, because he had appointments planned that we should have dealt with on our way home from Pembrokeshire. He will be back tomorrow, joyous reunion and all that. On Friday, we’re taking Ronan and Rufus out for lunch, for Ro’s birthday of last Saturday. Options are open for the weekend – I’ve half-promised to go to an open-air concert in Ipswich on Sunday, but I’m a bit wary because I don’t want to risk getting pinged, as I’ve got a valuation booked for Tuesday. Additionally, Weeza and the children are coming over on Monday. I’m more concerned about the valuation, because it’s an elderly client, but mostly I don’t want to be pinged. Zerlina had braces fitted to her teeth today and is glumly contemplating the foods she can’t eat at present. I’ve promised her that I’ll make cheese soufflĂ©. She can certainly manage that and she loves it.

Maybe I’m emerging from lockdown languor. It will take a week or so before I can tell. I really do need to get on with things soon.

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  1. Blue Witch

    I always get more done when Mr BW is down south. The house stays tidier too…

    That sounds like quite a lot ticked off though. Courage mon brave for the rest!


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