Pembrokeshire pics

I didn’t take many photos while we were away, but here are a few from Carew Castle.  Tim tells me that it’s pronounced Carey.  It’s a very handsome near-ruin, with lovely views and it would be a great place for children to explore.

Carew Castle

View of the nearby watermill, tricksily taken through a window


We then went on to have a drink at a pub Tim knew – that also is in a lovely setting.

View from the Cresselly Arms


The last was taken as a panorama, so it’s reproduced backwards, as it were – that is, the corner goes out rather than in.

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  1. Z Post author

    There were quite a few people at the castle, but it was not especially busy and there’s enough space for everyone to roam around. There were a number of people standing or sitting outside the pub, and there were children and their families on the right as we looked at the water, going back and forward across stepping stones and paddling, but again, plenty of room not to get in each other’s way.

    I’d had no idea how pretty Pembrokeshire is. There’s not a huge amount to do in a touristy way – various interesting places but you go for the scenery, beaches and general loveliness. Rog and Mrs Rine discovered it too and are enchanted by Tenby and its surroundings. Some narrow country lanes, so parking the Hodmedod and exploring in the car isn’t a bad idea. Some of the best beaches are a bit of a trek, but it’s easy to find places that aren’t crowded.


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