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Sorry about yesterday, darlings. I was, as you’ve gathered, upset. Mostly I cope with it but I am grieving particularly because of Tim’s house sale coming up and so I’m on edge. i want the sale to go through, of course, it’s quite a lot to manage with, going back and forth. I also am anxious to pay people their dues, by the time they get their inheritance, it’ll be 10 months since Tim has died. I’ve had some lovely emails in the last few days, having written to tell them it won’t be much longer to wait.

Tim’s sister put some pictures together and his brother added the music for a slideshow to be played at Tim’s memorial service here. One of his nieces asked for some photos of him; I’ve said to ask her dad as he has more than I have, but I’ve sent her the slideshow too. And of course I watched it for the first time since November and … well, I’ve said enough.

I shut down the computer last night and turned notifications of emails off and went to bed, not that I slept well. I will check emails later, but I’m having some time off. When I first had internet, in the pre-broadband days, I checked emails briefly twice a day, replied offline and sent them off next time I logged on. Those were the days, hey. Useful as it is, to be able to receive and send anything at any time, I need some time to myself. I’m just going to read for a few hours.

I discovered via Facebook that today is the 7th anniversary of my meeting Tim, when he and Mig (Barney had had an accident and was able to be left but not to come) came to blog party no.2. Mig stayed with us, but polite Tim booked in at the guest house down the road. And then the next day he issued a general invitation to come to his birthday party, some 6 weeks later.

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  1. Scarlet

    That’s a special memory about Tim.
    I still ‘waste’ a day away from the laptop, either reading or faffing – doing what I want to do at any given time is my new way forward. Do what’s best for you. Do what soothes.


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