Jenga drops off his perch

Honestly, I must be going batty. Of course it wasn’t 7 years ago that I met Tim, it was 10. So the 7-year memory I referred to was just Mig. Tim brought her 10 years ago and couldn’t come the next year, so Mig brought Linda and Di (over from Australia, she was staying with Linda). Then she came a couple more times, at least once with Barney.

But what I’ve come here for, apart from correcting myself, is to say that dear old Jenga, the bantam patriarch of the whole flock, died in the night. He was 7 years old and getting a bit faded in the comb and long in the spur, but he was doing well and still watching over his ladies. He tucked into some treats earlier in the day and had gone to roost by the time I shut the chickens up yesterday evening and he must have literally dropped off the perch sometime in the night.

Here’s a picture I’ve copied from Rose, with her permission. Handsome boy.

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