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There is no point in trying to blog from the caravan. Internet is still random and occasional, the only annoying thing being that my phone still assures me that I’m online when I’m not. But it was a lovely week and the children were charmed by the caravan and the beach. Rufus proudly climbed Tim’s Rock three times and loved scrambling on the rocks – “King of the World,” he proclaimed.

They are a delight to cook for. They love vegetables and pretty well all food. Ronan was browsing through Tim’s small collection of caravan cookbooks and found one that he uses, a Nigel Slater one. He ups the vegetable selection though – to the bulgur wheat and aubergine, he adds mushrooms, courgettes, onions, garlic and anything else to hand and the children eat it happily. It’s not that they don’t like a burger and chips, but that they appreciate all food.

I’m too tired every night to write, I have to stop soon and go to bed. I did my accounts yesterday, ready for the accountant to visit today. So now I’m free, it’s done.

I need to get on to Tim’s bank yet. They haven’t sent me the money in his accounts. It drags on. I hope it’ll be sorted out before too long. I wish I was not always so exhausted, but that’s what stress does. It’ll get better, even if grief doesn’t.

2 comments on “Home from Pembrokeshire

  1. Blue Witch

    It’s heartening that a new generation are loving Tim’s world.

    And as for organisations not paying out in a timely and simple after a death… we share your pain. How on earth, in this day and age, can it be allowed to be as bad as it is?


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