Missing you already

The blog party has been and gone and it was lovely to see people again. The only newcomers were Zoe and Mike’s delightful Ukrainian guest, who coped splendidly with the company of ten cheerful strangers; and Rose’s beau John, who is really great company and the two of them looked very happy. I hope everyone else had fun, because I did.

Food had taken an afternoon and a morning to get ready, relaxedly. I kept it simple and tried not to overcater too much – and pretty well succeeded, in fact (apart from shedloads of drink of various sorts). Cold beef, salmon, salad Ni├žoise, egg mayonnaise, potato salad, other salads, roasted vegetables – I bore in mind those who couldn’t have gluten and/or dairy, who seem to be increasing in number. If you have a health problem and find that cutting out a food transforms your digestion, you won’t want to go back. I think stress plays a large part in triggering this – but anyway, I was careful and I hope everyone had a good choice.

Everyone looked wonderful and was pleased to see everyone else. I think this is the 11th year and 12th party. Next year, it will take place on a Tuesday, because then our good friend Vicus Scurra can come again – he and Mrs VS have unalterable weekend commitments. It will mean that Zoe and Mike can’t stay overnight, but they can come for a weekend at other times. Some other friends had other things on, so we’ll try harder next year to find a date to suit everyone.

Poor eCat, who can’t bear dogs, vanished rather than come into contact with Scout, who is somewhat nervous of cats. I carried her up to my bedroom last night and she scuttled through the upstairs rooms, curious to meet Alina. Scout was afraid to come upstairs, so I shut Eloise cat in with me. It’s so funny, neither of them would hurt the other. But she’s okay now that she rules the household again today.

I’ve cleared everything away and packed, ready to go to Ro’s house this evening and we’ll be off to Pembrokeshire tomorrow, leaving Wink in charge. After a weekend of champagne and chat, I’ll probably slump silently for the journey. But, though it rains most days at Wiseman’s Bridge, it rarely rains all day and I’m sure we’ll spend plenty of time on the beach. I’m sure the children will love it there, all children do.

“Missing you already,” called Mike, as they left. Me too, friends. Thank you for coming and thank you all for being your fabulous selves.

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