Z’s weekend

I was out on Friday morning, but supposed to watch the fourth lot of lectures in the afternoon and catch up with the morning ones over the weekend. i’ve been too busy. Things just cropped up that were more important – I should have some time free on Tuesday, I hope. Not much, as I’m taking a friend to hospital for a fairly minor operation – that is, she won’t have to undress and she’ll be out same day, but she has to be there at 7am and I’ll be aiming to leave here about 5.30. I’m usually awake then, but not without hope of a nap before getting-up time. Then back here for a haircut and off to Norwich again to pick her up. I’ll have to remember to charge up the car tomorrow night, having been to Norwich today.

One of the things that cropped up was a text from Weeza, who wanted a chat – just general chat, because we haven’t spoken for a few weeks. We’ve got a family WhatsApp group so that we can all keep in touch, but actual conversations don’t happen all that often. I suppose I’ll know I’m really decrepit when a family member phones every evening, to make sure I’m still alive and conscious. Anyway, the result was that we realised we are busy for weekends for the next month, so I took everyone out for lunch today, which was lovely.

I’m not sure why I bother to have my hair cut at all, it gets longer and I’m fine with that. Half an inch off, every couple of months, I’m completely unbothered that shorter hair framing my face is more flattering, at my age. I like my hair and I don’t care what I look like, which is either a measure of confidence or of giving up and it doesn’t really matter which.

I have so much to do over the next week that I’d panic if I dwelt on it. As it is, I assume I’ll just pull my finger out and JFDI. Preferably tomorrow.

Wink has left Sri Lanka and arrived with our friends in Chennai for the rest of her holiday.

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