Z ticks boxes but it may be for the last time

I’m gradually catching up with admin. I’ve sent off several forms since I got home, by post or email and I’ve less hanging over to worry me. One item, I returned correctly formatted and received a grateful email from the person who expected to have to do that. It was hardly more trouble to complete the job than to send the information and expect her to do it.

I’ve got a whole lot of online safeguarding training to do. Hours of it. I can’t bear to look back on the hours of safeguarding training I’ve done over the years, but one module of this is about domestic abuse. Why I wouldn’t just rapidly pass on anything to someone more able to help is a matter that the training may deal with, I suspect it will, but I seriously think I was absolutely nuts to agree to be a churchwarden again. I haven’t got time for all this. It’s just box-ticking.

I’m thinking ahead to next year, mostly about going away. I want to do things while I can. Since no one in my family lives to their 80s (though my sister rather hopes to change that), I assume I’ve only got a few years to get my act together – all part of the JFDI way of life.

Very mixed emotions here at the Zedery, but you wouldn’t know it if you met me. I come over as really quite sensible.

Anyway, darlings, it’s not too long until the blog party. Do come, if you’re able to. There will be two newbies this year, at least – Lawrie and Lynn are actual real, long-term face-to-face friends. I’ve known Lawrie for about 65 years and Lynn for over 50. Wink and I are going to their golden wedding party in September. They live in Dorset now, but will be up here later this month and staying with us. Great fun and very sociable, they won’t be at all put out by not knowing anyone, they’ll join in and everyone will love them.

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