Z makes plans

The wardrobe thing is going well. All four carcasses put together in the dressing room – I was going to tackle the other but other things cropped up. Now, rails, doors and handles to go. We had lunch out, to celebrate. Not that we need much excuse.

It seems that May is the best month for the blog party. We’re free every weekend but my first blog party was the May Day bank holiday and it was cold and windy, so I’m superstitiously wary of that. Not Sunday 12th either, as that’s Yagnub’s spring street market and we want to go. So Saturday 11th, 18th/19th or the second bank holiday weekend, 25th/26th/27th. Holidays don’t suit those who are grandchildren sitting, of course.

If you have a preference, or would like to come but can’t make one or more of the days, just say. We’ll please as many of the people as we can.

In other news, I’ve a plum tree in blossom, which makes me happy. Just a self-seeded wild plum, but in just the right place. Lucky Z.

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