Saving the date…

The party will be on the weekend of the 18th/19th May. As ever, you are most welcome to come and stay and you are all truly welcome to come. If no preference is said, it’ll be Saturday 18th lunchtime, but it makes no nevermind, as Trinidadian Rose would say, to us if it’s on the Sunday, so we’ll fit in with the first person to have a preference. So far there are ten of us – which does include Tim and me – but I’ve never been taken aback by too many guests yet. If we were to go over 50, I might have to hire a marquee, mind you.

Good news is that my friend Graham has found me a man with some sheep, to graze a field that sorely needs it. Graham himself used to have some sheep and kept them on it, but he’s had enough of the work of them and I hadn’t found anyone else to use it. It suits sheep best, for various reasons, and these ones are Romneys, which are ideally suited to this particular field.

Other good news is that my monthly cleaning ladies came today, so we might not be tidy but we are clean. As soon as the rails go up in the wardrobes, there will be an attempt at some sort of order, but *tidy* is way beyond me. I have, at least, caught up on the washing today. I bought drying racks to stack on the Aga a few weeks ago – wildly expensive, it must be said, but at any rate, I haven’t needed to use the tumble drier since. With low ceilings and a very small utility room, there’s little chance of drying stuff except on a washing line or the tumble dryer. Which I see I’ve spelt in two different ways and I’m not sure which is correct. Anyway. I must go and take off the things that have dried, so I can put a bathrobe and a duvet cover to dry overnight. Toodle-pip, darlings.

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