Gosh, it’s March already and I’ve been AWOL. Mostly, we’ve been building those five wardrobes, but they’re done now and I’m transferring clothes into them. Tim was offered one but has decided to take over the wardrobes in our bedroom instead, on the grounds that that’s the room where he gets dressed. I usually get dressed in the bathroom, as it happens.

Otherwise, not a great deal has been happening here. I have sweet peas and broad beans coming up in trays in the greenhouse, and have resisted the considerable temptation to sow tomatoes etc, as we’re going to be in Reading for a couple of days and monitoring the propagator is a lot to ask. I’m not sure, as yet, if we’re going in Tim’s car or mine, we’ll have to decide in the morning.

Until last month, I’d have had a church service to play for before we left, but not now. The congregation is so small, and has been for several years, that it’s been decided that there will just be one service a month, plus the cafĂ© church in the village school on the fourth Sunday. Sadly, the last Rector – not the present one – drove so many people away that it has never recovered. I’m trying and failing not to apply this to our political party leaders…

But this isn’t a blog that does politics, which is why it’s a cheery place. So five happy things to end with.

Lovely Tim cooked dinner tonight and it was delicious.

I made yoghurt, which reminds me to cancel the milk for Monday. Tim and Eloise cat eat the yoghurt, which they say is better than shop-bought.

Eloise cat is increasingly cuddly. She follows us around and jumps on one of our laps as soon as we sit down. It’s adorable.

My friend Graham has found someone who wants to use the field by the river to graze his sheep. This is very good news. I don’t need to be paid, just to have the land cared for.

My sister Wink is coming to stay next week.

2 comments on “Marching

  1. Mike and Ann.

    Ref your Rector before last – Our Dean before the last one here (you probably read about the business in the East Anglian papers) did a great deal of damage which will takes decades to put right – if ever – East Anglians have looooong memories. Don’t want to go into details – but I don’t know if these people ever really comprehend the results of their actions?? I’ve just consulted Ann on whether to print this, and she surprised me (which she’s still capable of doing) by sayig ‘let it stand’.

    To something more cheerful – it will be lovely to have youre sister staying – please remember us to her. Only met her once – very briefly at the first blog party, I think.

    Warm regards, Mike and Ann.

    1. Z Post author

      When you have someone who sacks competent, committed, volunteers on a pretext, there isn’t much hope. But the hierarchy of the church is at fault, to a great extent.

      Wink will be here tomorrow, I’ll pass on your message. Yes, she came to the first blog party, not sure if she’s been to any since then. If you’ll be able to come, it’ll be lovely, but of course it’ll depend partly on whether you can get here.


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