Z is kneady

Sort-of-brother-in-law Alan makes very good bread, a mixture of spelt and rye. I had to abandon rye flour, except for the starter, as it was just too solemn and heavy. His is made with yeast, not sourdough, though. So I bought some spelt and added that, 50/50 with wheat flour to today’s mixture. We’ll see how it turns out, I’ll leave it overnight, then put it in the tin and let it rise for a few more hours before baking it.

I had an invoice today, from a company that my tree guy hired a digger from. However, I’d paid in advance, including a £500 refundable deposit in case of damage. I queried it, the DIRECTOR OF THE COMPANY didn’t seem to know the difference between an invoice and a receipt, but it didn’t itemise what I’d paid anyway. I suspect it was ineptitude and not dishonestly, but quite poor, anyway. I trust I’ll have my deposit returned by Monday, or else I’ll be back asking about it. Rob has provisionally booked the digger again for a couple of months’ time, but I’m now doubtful that they’re worth sticking with, especially as the machine broke down twice. However, I’ll tell him what I think and leave it to him, because I prefer minimum stress nowadays.

There are quite a lot of firework parties about, but Eloise cat is completely unbothered. I looked up recipes for veggie burgers today. My friend the Country Smallholder has an excellent recipe, she brought some along to last year’s party – but the list of ingredients is massive, including beans, beetroot, mushrooms, quinoa, tofu and many flavourings. Considering there is only one vegetarian and this would serve at least 8 people, if not 12, I couldn’t face it. In the end, I’m sorry to say, I bought veggie burgers. 3 different sorts, so he has a choice – or I can cook them all, I’m sure they’ll be eaten. I completely forgot to buy Phil’s favourite beer: Adnam’s Broadside. I’ll have to nip out in the morning. Nothing but the best for my favourite son-in-law.

3 comments on “Z is kneady

  1. Blue Witch

    That invoice/receipt/query dishonesty thing… yes, we’ve had that too, from similar sorts of construction / hire company, almost every month.

    I reckon they get away with it more times than not… and when we’ve queried things, they make out it’s a big mistake, or that we’ve failed to understand – it’s never ever their fault, just an understandable error, and we’ve never yet had an apology.

    I’ve made those veggie burgers from when you last mentioned them and they are excellent, and freeze very well. But they are a faff and do take a lot of time.

    Enjoy your fireworks tonight!

  2. Martina

    Oh yes! I go over all charges just in case. Purchased veggie burgers sound advisable. Time is money as they say.

  3. Z Post author

    If the burgers had been for several people, that’s one thing – I know that they’re very good. But I’d have had lots of them left over and honestly, it would have been far easier to have slapped some chopped vegetables in the oven and added some cubes of cheese in the last few minutes. But, though Pugsley likes that, it would have been too different from everyone else’s food. Gro burgers seem pretty good, lots of vegetables and recognisable ingredients.

    I think I may well have to ask for a fully itemised statement, because the emailed communications don’t add up.


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