Z is getting too old for electronic stuff

I’m home and so are Tim’s tv, hi fi stuff and a fair bit of his music collection. It’ll all gather dust in the dining room for a few weeks while I decide where it’s going to go. Then I’ll have to call on son-in-law Phil to set it all up – I’ve sticky-taped notes of what goes where and taken photos of the backs of everything before we took any wires out, but it’s way beyond me. I need to fetch the stand from Tim’s house before it can all go on it, but there wasn’t room in the car this trip. I’ve done the essentials here – mostly feeding animals and lighting the fire and that’s going to be nearly it for the day. Wink has asked me through for dinner.

‘Nearly’ it because my new phone arrived while I was away and it needs to be set up. I’ve backed up my old one to the computer and I’m charging up the new one. As I remember from last time, I simply introduced the two phones to each other, having changed over the sim card, and it just magically happened. I really hope it’ll be that simple again. But I’ll have the backup anyway.

*gulp* Here goes…

5 comments on “Z is getting too old for electronic stuff

  1. 63mago

    “Electronic magic”. I hope Apple lives up to the expectations. And all those cables – I am challenged when I have to connect the record player to the amplifier, what happens not too often, but sometimes one must clean behind the loudspeakers and disconnect these strange apparatus.

  2. Z Post author

    It all seems to be fine, really easy. Only thing was that not all my radio downloads had saved, but I was able to get them back. I’ve had to sign in to a few sites as well, but it was as easy as Apple normally makes it.

    Cables, oh Mago. Tim has so many appliances. He took music and sound really seriously. I’m lost on subwoofers, never mind sound bars. I rely on someone who thinks it matters.

  3. Scarlet

    I still have some of my dad’s electronic equipment gathering dust – the instruction manual is too big, and unfortunately all in English, I used to be good at that sort of stuff, but I’ve really lost the plot over the last couple of years.
    Good luck with the phone, though Apple products usually play nicely.

  4. dinahmow

    Our (positively ancient) radio is close to being set up. How close? Well, The Man has found enough co-ax wire connect the speakers and I’ve decided where said speakers can be positioned and the cat has(grudgingly!) approved the hiding of speaker wires behind a strip of timber…


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