I’ve been really tired, the last few days. Nothing much has happened apart from the bare essentials. I’m still avoiding paperwork, but I’ve managed to channel what energy I have to sorting out the study.

I don’t want to describe it, it’s been a dumping ground for quite some time. But I’ve thought it through and I like my tranquil drawing room. I also like tv and music, but so much equipment takes up more space than I’m prepared to allow. So the study, which used to be known as the music room, will be where Tim’s hifi and tv stuff goes. I spent a while this afternoon turning out a cupboard, though that has not had much effect yet on the rest of the room. Still, it’s got the Z mojo on the go.

More funerals coming up, sad to say. Both women in their 90s, no one can say that they died before their time. But the death of a friend is always a loss.

When I do a buffet-type meal, I’m always conscious that a lot of the food is based around wheat. Sandwiches, pastry and so on. Carbohydrate, even if wheat/gluten are avoided. So I use a base of slices of cucumber for some toppings. I also hollow out the seeds from cherry tomatoes and fill them, usually with Boursin cheese because it goes well. However, that means I have leftover seeds and pulp – which, given the circumstances, I felt okay about composting for once. But friend Daphne, who is even less wasteful than I am, was shocked. So into the freezer it went, for a few days. This afternoon, I chopped an onion, fried it and added the tomato, gently cooked them. I felt that a little something extra was needed. So, along with pepper and salt, I added the remains of a tub of hummus and a spoonful of cardamom seeds. Very good, I baked a potato and topped it with the mixture, along with a chunk of Baron Bigod.

It’s only 8.30, far too early to go to bed, but I really would like to. So tired. Maybe the Z mojo isn’t working as well as I want it to, as yet. But it will. I’m determined.

3 comments on “Zojo

  1. Scarlet

    Mojos are odd things – they have a will of their own – mine is definitely missing today!
    I have rooms to sort – my mojo goes into hiding whenever I think about tackling the task – so you are doing very well!

  2. dinahmow

    There is a point (and I’m far too mathematically dense to figure it out with graphs!) at which any job, un-done past its time, becomes background noise and is totally ignored. Ask me how I know!

  3. Z Post author

    Truth is, Scarlet, that turning out is better than paperwork. If I’m busy with one thing, I can pretend to ignore the other.

    Yeah, Di, tell me about it. Me too. Some of the turning out is dredging up uncomfortable reminders of jobs uncompleted.


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