18 comments on “Z is disappointed

  1. Dave

    There was a bit of frozen rain in the night on Thursday – I heard it in the early hours, and there was white stuff on my car when I got up.

  2. Jayne

    I know – soooo disappointed. I was banking on it shutting down the rail network thus preventing me from dragging my sorry ass into work.


  3. The Boy

    I know I know! I even parked the car down in the village as its bad dealing with our steep drive in the snow.

    We apparently had a light dusting and the kids went out and danced about a bit, but it quickly turned to rain, so they came back in.

  4. Z

    Winds can change – it was NE on Wednesday and East yesterday here. Next time you make a spell, BW, I’d appreciate you directing the snow to Norfolk and North Suffolk.

    Hello, Jayne, welcome. The rail network round here has been pretty well shut down anyway. I’m very glad none of us commute by train.

    Boy, if we do get snow this winter, I’ll put up a picture of our drive. It has a field on each side, one with a bank and a hedge – the snow always drops on the drive and blocks us in. We have to dig our way out, all 100 yards of it.

  5. Z

    January is our best chance of having snow, and even then it usually only lasts for a day or two – just as well, because the whole country grinds to an instant halt.

  6. Z

    Hello, JaneP, welcome. I live in south Norfolk – level with the Midlands, but we East Angularians think of ourselves as Southerners without the effeteness.

  7. Dandelion

    We effete southerners also think of east angularians that way too, and yet, at the same time, as northerners without the cloth caps and whippets, but with webbed feet instead. A sort of good in-between, I would say.


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