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So, tonight was WI night, and I trotted along confidently. When I was confronted by Tricia, unpacking arty sort of stuff, I backed away with an alarmed expression on my face. “Are we doing something hands-on?” I wondered aloud. “Pastels”. Tricia doesn’t waste words. She saw my expression. “You’d have stayed at home if you’d realised, wouldn’t you?”. I certainly would have.

She spent some time explaining techniques – every time I began to feel encouraged, determined, even, she started to get a bit too detailed and I lost confidence again. However, although I had been one of those grumbling at the back, I went at it in my usual shake-em-by-the-neck fashion – I see no point in being tentative. I drew an iris. If I could remember how to use the scanner, I’d show it to you. It is very free in style, but one can tell it is an iris, however poorly executed.

“I made a few pencil marks, just as a guide, but I didn’t draw it, because I can’t draw either” I explained. “Oh yes, you can draw”, she said. “You’ve got a good eye, you knew how to look at it and you made a good start” (it was decidedly unfinished, because better to quit while you look as if you had some idea what you were driving at). I thanked her, sincerely. No one has ever suggested I could draw before, and for good reason.

I was, because I got my paper almost last, the last to start. I was the first to finish. I don’t know if I’ll ever do it again; I enjoyed it more than I expected. Just because of the novelty, I suspect.

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  1. luckyzmom

    Of course you can draw. I think what you question is how well. I learned, when I took my first drawing class, how well one can draw if given a little instruction. At least you found some enjoyment in it, though you may not be the next Michelangelo.

  2. Dave

    I find painting very relaxing. I sit there with my tongue sticking out slightly, concentrating on that and thinking about nothing else.

  3. Z

    Dave, I’m charmed. I can just see you.

    I had an unfortunate experience at school with a scary art teacher and I don’t think I ever went to a lesson after I was 12, to our mutual relief. Funnily enough, the sort of chucking paint around daubs she wanted me to do (when I wanted to draw precisely) is the sort of thing that I might enjoy now.

  4. badgerdaddy

    I haven’t drawn anything since school. I’m not good, either. And when I went back to collect my art folder, the teacher – who had not taught me – tried to pick a fight with me. It was amusing afterward, but a little scary at the time. Which reminds me, might find out if he’s still teaching there… Grrrr.

  5. Ad

    An addition/improvemement/enhancement to one’s skill set is always a plus, Z.

    All the best to you and yours for this year and beyond.

  6. PI

    Something’s happened to my brain. First I thought you were going to be sucking something but you don’t spell it like that do you? Then I thought you were drawing eyes. I still can’t see the connection.
    Don’t mind me – January and I don’t get on. Is it nearly Spring?

  7. Z

    Um, it was an iris flower, not an eye.

    The picture has vanished. I showed it to the Sage and I think that he has squirreled it away, like a proud parent. Isn’t that sweet? I should mention to him that it hasn’t been sprayed with fixative and will brush off the paper if touched.

  8. Blue Witch

    Well odne, we’ll make an artist of you yet šŸ™‚

    Hairspray is cheaper than fixative.

    Take a photo of it and post that. Will be much better for the scanner, and us šŸ™‚

  9. Z

    Thank you, BW, Tricia suggested hairspray too. I made an excuse, I’m afraid – I’m not so proud of the sketch that I particularly want to show it off!

  10. Anonymous

    Oh the flower! I was also thinking a bit of an eye was a strange thing to draw.

    I was useless at drawing too at school but I don’t remember the art teachers actually trying to pick fights with me about it… badgerdaddy should really expand on that one a bit, it’s got me intrigued…

    (this is a comment by jonathan of
    crinklybee.typepad.com by the way, I can’t work out the blogger security device thingies anymore so am having to be anonymous everywhere…..)

    PPS found you via jonnyb’s comment box Z and like your style so thought would comment in passing here….

  11. Z

    Hello Jonathan, how kind of you to drop in.

    D’you know, it didn’t even occur to me to be surprised at Badgerdaddy’s tale – though it is intriguing. I wonder who provoked whom.

  12. Dandelion

    Oh, pleeease post it! We’re proud of you, even if you aren’t. And anyway, I posted my gingerbread men, even though they were hardly first rate. You didn’t think less of me, did you?

    Ps I thought at first you’d drawn an eye as well. I think it’s a case of semantic priming, based on your avatar.

  13. Z

    Oh, you are such a dear, Dandelion. I might, once I find where the Sage has squirrelled it.

    I didn’t think you’d think less of me though, I just feel it isn’t anything to display too proudly! And after all, your biscuits were delicious, weren’t they? And they did look good, too.


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