Z is blogging again

We’ve been away to LT’s lovely caravan in beautiful Pembrokeshire – it really is, everyone who goes there is surprised that it’s not better known about.  Coincidentally, Wink and some friends have been staying in the next village, within walking distance through “the tunnels” and we had no idea until she came to stay over Easter.  So we and her boyf, Bod, met us for lunch one day.

Lots to tell you about but I’m not sure I can do it all today.  I hadn’t slept much all week, for no good reason at all, and I arrived home with the sort of headache that can only be slept off.  So I did and most of it has receded, though I’m still up for an early night.

I need to tell you about the holiday, my London visit, a blog meet with an old friend I’d not met before, the circumstances around our meeting, our arrival home and what’s been going on while we were away – this could take most of the next week.

Eloise cat was very pleased to see us and Zain, out in the barn, was so glad that, when I was bending over getting out his food, he rubbed his face against mine.  That’s never happened before.  Both his brothers came to be fed, though his sister and parents weren’t about.  However, that’s no matter for concern, I have no reason to think that they aren’t alive and well.

The only reason, by the way, that I haven’t blogged in the past week is that there is no internet at the caravan except occasional moments, enough to download an email or a notification, but certainly not enough to do anything with.  Restful, really.

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