Z gathers moss

Some of the family asked about the very neglected tennis court, so I’ve been clearing it, or rather having it cleared, as I haven’t done much of the work myself. Wince cleared the weeds, but there was a thick layer of moss, most of which was dead. I investigated hiring a power washer and the local company had a new one on order, but it wasn’t expected until Monday. However, it arrived yesterday, so it was delivered today and Wince (mostly) and I have been clearing up. It was a lot of work. A lot. Turned out that one day wasn’t enough – that is, a full day’s work might have done it, but Wince couldn’t stay later than 3 and I couldn’t carry on into the late afternoon. So I’ve got to do the last three eighths of it tomorrow. All the moss has been whooshed into the sides, so it’ll have to be cleared away, but that can wait until another week.

Yesterday, I felt as if my foot was on the brink of pins and needles, quite a lot of the time, so I wiggled my toes each time until the feeling went away, but it’s much better today, so I probably had the boot a bit tight. I’d been ready to go to hospital tomorrow, just to be checked, but I’m pretty sure I don’t need to. It’s much more comfortable and just needs support. Thank goodness I didn’t need plaster. And now it’s not even ten o’clock, but I am going to bed. Wince is kindly coming at 7 tomorrow, before going to work, to get the washer ready for me – he put it in the secure barn for safekeeping, but it’s heavy to pull across the gravel. He is very kind. I have bought a lovely new wheelbarrow, to make his life easier.

3 comments on “Z gathers moss

  1. 63mago

    Toe wriggeling may be a nice diversion, maintenance even, but an x-ray … especially while dragging heavy equipment over a neglected tennis court – holy moses … (A bad try on a pun, sorry.)
    I have no clue about the situation of the NHS, local hospitals, ERs etcetc., but I can’t help to find the idea of a professional looking at a broken (“squished” – Goodness !) bone somehow intriguing.
    Well, it may be just a flesh wound …

    1. Z Post author

      I heard it break. Having broken a bone in my foot before, I recognised it, though it wasn’t such a squishy crunch. A&E would have been fine, it was just that it’s 40 minutes away and I was busy, and I knew what the answer would be, so I took the pragmatic decision. I didn’t have to move the machine much, it was hard on the arm muscles after a bit because of the pressure of water. But it’s done. With the help of Wince, plus Dilly and her children on Friday.


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