Z fails to draw part 8

I didn’t get to it until after dark and found that it would have been better by natural light. Also, the felt pens I ordered haven’t arrived yet, which is not terribly helpful as the ones i had were quite thick, so not ideal for drawing with. This is all making excuses, however.

Modified contour drawing of your hand, is what the exercise was called. In short, you put your hand under the sheet of glass or plastic and draw it. It’s a three-dimensional form drawn in two dimensions.

It was tricky, mainly because of balancing the sheet of glass on fingertips and drawing it, but not being able to rest your drawing hand as that would tilt the sheet of glass. It reminded me of when I wrote on my iPad with a stylus; I couldn’t rest my hand and so it was unpleasantly awkward. And, as I said, the felt tip pen was thicker than the ideal. Nevertheless, I achieved *apparently* three-dimensional drawings. I ran out of time because I had to go out at 7.15 for our Friday Night Takeaway but tomorrow I’ll go onto the next stage, which I think is translating the drawing on glass to one on paper. I don’t read ahead, so I’m not sure what is in store for me.

But it’s fun. I have no expectations but I’m enjoying the trip. I have learnt and I’ll learn more and the end result doesn’t matter – I’ve let go of anxiety about it. If I don’t much enjoy a particular exercise, it doesn’t matter, it’s still something to learn from and just do. Just do it. I could say that louder, actually. JUST DO IT.

They are really poor, I know. But it doesn’t matter. I’m starting to understand the principle of it. It’ll get better.

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  1. Ponita

    You’re not failing at drawing at all, Z. You are learning. And doing well! I have taken university drawing classes (years ago) and yours are up there with what we learned. Keep going!


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