Z counts to 10

I just have to pack my clothes and sort out some food, water the plants and feed the chickens in the morning and then I’ll head off to the caravan. It’s a 7 hour drive plus stops, so quite as much as I want to do in a day. I was thinking of staying until Monday, but Publog John has invited me to the Hollybush for Sunday lunch, which is strictly Guys Only, so it’s a massive compliment. It’s also a 4 hour drive, so I’ll have to get ready to leave the night before, so I can go at 8 am.

I have done most of my paperwork and sent various emails. Someone has sent me pictures of a lot of china – that is, many individual photos, two or three of each piece and there are nearly 100 pieces – he’s sent them on iCloud, which is all very well, but I haven’t got time to look at them and my colleague doesn’t have a Mac, so he can’t see them when I try to share. A lot of it isn’t Lowestoft and, what is, is low value. I’m a patient woman, but I sighed a bit. It can wait for a week.

Other things, other people. I don’t want to grumble about anyone, so I won’t explain. I’m making an effort not to be annoyed, though. Clearly, I need some time on my own. Won’t have internet much, so I’ll be back next week.

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