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Still plodding through admin. Actually much simplified by not having to write letters or visit in person nowadays. People are really kind and helpful. My advice to anyone, however, is always to have the bank account that utility bills are paid from as a joint account. It would have been so much less complicated.

I have to let the Water Board have a copy of Tim’s death certificate and proof that I’m executrix, but emailed is okay. The reason they need it is that he’s £200 in credit and can’t give me the money until they know I’m entitled to it. Since the house isn’t permanently occupied at present, no bills are payable until it is, though they know that I visit. Likewise, no council tax until probate has been granted.

Still haven’t had the celebrant get back to me, so I’m in the air regarding the service leaflet. This is really quite frustrating as I wanted to get it completed today. But I daresay there’s a reason for that. Though a brief ‘holding’ email would have been a help. Anyway, I have had various messages about the auction, so that’s taken the rest of the day. I won’t worry, it’s not my fault. And I’ll deal with it tomorrow.

I pulled myself together, picked vegetables and cooked a proper meal tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll slice the two loaves I baked and freeze most of them. Since I started baking my own bread again, after Russell died, I haven’t wanted to waste any and the chickens have not done so well as they used to in that respect. They get any other leftovers and scraps and they don’t do so badly. I’m growing kale for them to eat over the winter – I pick a few leaves at a time, I don’t let them loose at it because they’d destroy the plants. Chickens are really destructive. They don’t just eat the grass, they scratch away at the roots and dig holes, even in a very big run. All that’s left are nettles and docks – though not even that where they are now. I won’t move the run again but leave the rest of the area to recover until the spring.

Plan for tomorrow – deal with the service sheet. I’ll do my part and let the funeral director get on to the celebrant. Go to Lowestoft for a meeting with the manager at the salesroom. Get in touch with the DVLA about Tim’s car. Firm up plans for the food for next Monday. That’ll be enough for one day – except, if I can be bothered – pick tomatoes and deal with them, even if it just means washing and freezing them.

You see? Sorted. Simple.

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