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Not everything happened that had been on the list, but there’s a reason for that. Or 3 reasons, in fact. 1 a client was interested in a piece of china so I took it for him to see, as he doesn’t drive any more so can’t come to the sale. 2 he lives in the same town as an Adnams shop, so I took the opportunity to buy drinks for Tim’s penultimate party. This will be immediately after his funeral. The final one will be here, after the service in the church where we were married.

I’ve bought a dozen bottles of champagne and two of beer, as well as the dozen Bordeaux I have squirrelled away. I think that’s enough for 30 or so people? Should I worry?

I’ll worry.

3 Rose asked Wink and me over for a cup of tea. And now is the serious bit, please take note.

Rob phoned Rose while we were there, because he’d been mending a client’s computer when her doorbell rang. A lad was standing there and he said that he’d lost his mobile phone. He couldn’t remember phone numbers but he had his log-in to *popular social media site, whatevs*.

Oddly, he had a notebook with URLs and passwords. The client was sympathetic and said he could use her phone to log in to *whatever the site was* (I can’t remember). Rob didn’t think it rang true, so checked the URL. It was fake. If the boy had logged in successfully, her phone would have linked to the scam site and her details, including a lot of passwords, would have been exposed. The police have been informed, please be wary.

4 comments on “Please read a warning

  1. Blue Witch

    I cannot believe the depths that these scammers are sinking to.

    But… no-one should ever be using anyone else’s phone in the middle of a pandemic that is far from over anyway. And how often are most people sanitising their phones? Not at all I suspect.

  2. Z Post author

    It was actually Snapchat he said he wanted to sign in to. I should think it was because it was a child that the woman was caught out, but he must have known what he was doing was a scam. It was a young woman, too, who you’d think would be reasonably quick-witted.


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